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Welcome to the Internet website of the extended Borromeo Family of Cebu City, the Philippines.  I, Marc Evan Borromeo Nonnenkamp (age 52) am the author of this website, and my nephew, Matthew “Matt” Borromeo Atega Tan (age 31), is the administrator.  I’ve been a professional tax accountant and manager for 24 years – 10 years in State Government & 14 years in public accounting (after having spent 3 years in commercial banking – 2 years with the FDIC in Atlanta, Georgia and one year with the Bank of America in Walnut Creek, California), and my nephew Matt has been an information technology / MIS consultant, senior computer programmer and manager with (2005-2007) and with Fordham University in New York (2007-2013) since graduating from college 9 years ago in 2005.  In early July 2013 we launched a brand new sister site at  The new site has had more than 9,451 visitors from 95 countries and 44 US States.  Our privately held short fund has 4,157 investors (it is now closed to new investors).

Wilkommen und vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch!

Ich begrüße hiermit herzlichst meine deutschsprachigen Besucher aus aller Welt. Diese Webseite habe ich für die Familie meiner Mutter geschrieben, d.h. die Familie Borromeo aus der Stadt Cebu in den Philippinen. Ich heiße Marc Evan (Borromeo) Nonnenkamp, und bin 52 Jahre alt. Ich bin in Amerika geboren und aufgewachsen, und wohne nun im US-Bundesstaat Neumexiko. Beruflich bin ich Steuerberater für Flimkrediten-Produktionssteuern. Mein Vater ist in Wilhelmshaven geboren, und in Bremen groß geworden. Er ist 1953 nach Kanada, und dann im Jahre 1956 nach Amerika ausgewandert. Beruflich war er Bankier, und jetzt sind meine Eltern im Ruhestand. Zwischen 1924 bis 1936 diente mein Großvater väterlicherseits, Wilhelm Johannes Nonnenkamp (1903-1972), bei der deutschen Marine, und zwar auf dem “Panzerschiff Deutschland.” Mein Urgroßvater Heinrich Nonnenkamp (1866-1936) arbeitete bei der deutschen Reichsbahn, und mein Ururgroßvater Wilhelm Nonnenkamp (1842-1933) diente als Musiker beim großherzogtümlichen Oldenburgischen Heer. Ich habe Artikel über die Geschichte der deutschen sowie der österreichischen Marine, die Geschichte der Gruppe Volkswagen, sowie über Sammlerautos hier geschrieben. Sie können auch über die Geschichte der Philippinen, sowie über die Geschichte der Familie Borromeo in den Philippinen und Italien lesen. Mein Großvater mütterlicherseits war einer der berühmtesten Richter der Philippinen – Richter Andrés Borromeo y Reynes (1880-1923). Seine Geschichte folgt ebenfalls.  Ich bin nun auch auf

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We have seventeen (17) articles with 2,308 pages of text and illustrations – which include an extensive 735-page photo gallery, now divided into six (6) sub-categories complete with “thumbnails” for easier, quicker viewing.  All of our illustrations have descriptive captions.

Mein Neffe Matthew Borromeo Atega Tan (1983 geboren) und ich haben diese Webseite im Jahre 2006 gegründet.  Von November 2006 bis heute haben wir mehr als gezählte 597,882 Seitenbesuche (“Hits” auf Englisch) aus 184 Ländern (Besucher aus 8,355 Städte weltweit) auf 6 Kontinenten, davon 23,11 Prozent deutschsprachige sowie deutschstämmige Webseitenbesucher, bekommen.  In unserer Photogallerie haben wir nun 737 Bilder.  Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch!

The Grand Family Reunions and some of our Individual Visitors

The first Grand Reunion of the extended Reynes de Borromeo Family of Cebu City, the Philippines is now complete.  There was a May 24, 2008 public dedication ceremony to unveil the new monument to Judge Andrés Borromeo (1880-1923), the “Fighting Judge” of Surigao and Agusan.  More than 50 invited guests were in attendance, in addition to the public.  On the evening of May 24 there was a gathering at the home of Maxcy and Marivic Borromeo in Banilad, and on May 25 the same group of people reunited at the Borromeo Beach House in Talisay.  More than 120 family members were present at  each function.

The May 2008 Grand Reunion was paid for by the Borromeo Bros. Estate, Inc. (“BBEI”).   The management of the company decided that the 2008 and 2011 reunions would only be for the descendants of José Maria Borromeo y Galan (1847-1930) and Margarita Sy Reynes de Borromeo (1853-1931).  I apologize for any confusion.  A second reunion took place from June 10-12, 2011 and the next one is scheduled for 2014.  190 family members (58% more than in 2008) attended the 2011 dinner at the Cebu City Ford dealership on June 10, the golf tournament on June 11 and the picnic at the Talisay Borromeo beach house on June 12.  The third Borromeo family reunion began at the Ford Dealership in Lahug on June 12, 2014 – 100 visitors attended the multi-day function compared to 120 people in 2008 and 190 in 2011.

My Seventh Degree Cousins (estimated 20,000 family members worldwide)

We have heard from many people, including from Juan Carlos Cayosa Borromeo (from Cagayan Province on Northern Luzon), from Joni Loveria (from Bicol in southern Luzon), from the late Jackie Borromeo (the son of José Borromeo and grandson of Ramon Borromeo who was as a professional photographer in Antwerp, Belgium), from Rich Borromeo (in Mindanao) and from Rommel Borromeo Cristobal in Luzon, who may be related to Borromeo family in Cavite, where Carlos “Capitan Aro” Borromeo (born 1720) settled in 1744.  Carlos came to Cavite from Canton, China.  We believe that he or one of his ancestors came to Canton from Northern Italy via Argentina.

Some of his descendants migrated to Iloilo on Panay, and then to Bacolod on Negros in the generation thereafter.  We believe that his son Carlos Borromeo II (born in Cavite in 1745) settled in Iloilo on Panay in 1769.

My Sixth Degree Cousins (estimated 10,000 family members worldwide)

We have heard from Dax Ignacio Magahum from Anaheim, California, whose great-grandmother Carmen “Imen” Borromeo was born in Iloilo on the Island of Panay (circa 1890).  We have also heard from Ray Granada Pe, the great grandson of Mariano Borromeo and from Lia Padilla-Mendoza, who now lives in Parañaque (in Metro Manila).  One of his closer degree cousins is Jocelyn Borromeo-Sanchez, whose family also comes from Iloilo.  We believe that Carlos Borromeo II settled on Panay around 1769, and that his son Carlos Borromeo III was born around 1770.  Carlos Borromeo III migrated to Cebu around 1794, and founded the two main lines of the modern Cebuano Borromeo clan.

My Fifth Degree Cousins (estimated 5,000 family members worldwide)

We have also heard from Leonel “Waldo” Borromeo, Marily “Sister Esther” Borromeo Pagdato (a Dominican Sister in northern California), from Royce Casey M. Borromeo, from Christie Borromeo, from Buena Flor Borromeo Gamalong, from Omar Borromeo Sazon and from Michelle Borromeo in Negros, from Nilda Borromeo Servando (now residing in San Francisco, California), from Marijune Borromeo Hidalgo (living in London, England), from Mary Jane Borromeo Gamalong-Manalac in Wichita, Kansas as well as from Maureen Pescaia (of Aiea, Hawaii) who are descended from the line of Carlos Borromeo III (born in Iloilo in 1770), who settled in Bacolod in 1794.  Another visitor is Glenn Anthony Borromeo from Negros Oriental, who helped us to re-establish a direct link between the Borromeo clans of Cebu and Bacolod – much appreciated!  Carlos Borromeo IV (born in Bacolod in 1795) settled in Cebu City no later than 1819.

My Fourth Degree Cousins (estimated 2,500 family members worldwide)

Yet another visitor is Vincent Taylor Borromeo of the “Thin Borromeo” Line of Cebu – our common ancestor is Carlos Borromeo IV (born in 1795), who is my Great-great-great Grandfather. Vincent and I are cousins of the 4th degree. Other members of the “Thin Borromeo” line who have written in with appreciated corrections for their branch of our family or comments include Maricel Borromeo-Amores (a Human Resources Director in a Cebu City call center), Anna Mikaela Borromeo, Corito Escario Yu, Ramon Borromeo Parama (from Saudi Arabia), Constantine Edward Borromeo Dumayas (from Pennsylvania), Gary Taylor Borromeo (from Cebu City), Rovina Veloso Borromeo, Carlota Roxas Borromeo, Ramon Borromeo y Nicolas of Manila, Maria Carmina Borromeo Ramos (a daughter of my cousin Concepcion Borromeo Ramos), my aunt Coring Borromeo Thakuria & her husband Tito Nandi Thakuria, my aunt Lita Borromeo-Kindaca, John Borromeo Marvin-Kite and Lewis & Lucy Trosdal of Georgia.

My first degree cousin Andrés “Andy” Borromeo Querouz and my aunt (my mother’s second degree cousin) Cora Quisumbing-King (from the Reynes side of the Borromeo family; Margarita Sy Reynes de Borromeo being my great-grandmother) have started a family tree on  This includes Reynes branch family members, and has thus increased the known size of our extended family.

My Third Degree Cousins (“mga tambok” Borromeo Line)

We have also heard from my 3rd degree cousins José Ozaraga Borromeo (from Texas), Maria Celine Reunilla Akstin (my 3rd degree cousin once removed), Maricar Monique Borromeo Murriel (my 3rd degree cousin once removed), Rory Yul Mendoza Borromeo, Ramon Borromeo Amparo from Northern Ireland, Dr. Napoleon “Nap” Morre Ranario from New Jersey, Emilio Jurado Borromeo III, Pilar Borromeo-Garmsen (from Mandaluyong in Metro Manila), Rosie Borromeo-Rieth (from Singapore) and Tomas Clemente Barredo Borromeo (from Mandaluyong in Metro Manila), as well as their nephew Tom Borromeo Berenguer, son of my 3rd cousin Gabriela “Bingo” Borromeo Berenguer. Another 3rd cousin of mine who has written in with additions to our site is Martonette Quijano Borromeo from Texas, whose parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in June 2008 – Congratulations!  We have also heard from members of the Morre family in both California and New Jersey.  Yet another contributor is Dionisio Borromeo Venzon III, a son of my late third degree cousin Norma Morre Borromeo.  Our common ancestors are Señor Don Maximo Borromeo y Feliz (1820-1892) and Señora Doña Hermenegilda Galan de Borromeo (“Nanay Binda,” after whom my mother was named), who are our Great-great Grandparents.

My Second Degree Cousins (heirs of José Maria Borromeo y Galan)

Second cousins of mine who have written to us include Alexander J. Borromeo (from Louisville, Kentucky), Christina “Ina” Borromeo Gaston (from Bacolod on the Island of Negros), Gerardo “Dito” Vasquez Borromeo (from Metro Manila), Marissa Borromeo Diego, Deborah “Debbie” Suchman Zeolla (from Manhattan in New York City), John Harriett Suchman (my godfather and the father of Debbie from Morristown, New Jersey), Eterio “Terry” Teves Herrera (from Sydney, Australia), Evangeline “Eve” Herrera Borromeo (also from Sydney, Australia), Alfonso “Sitos” Borromeo Morales and our nephew Stephen Borromeo Herrera Cañares (from Cebu City). Our common ancestors are our Great-Grandparents Señor Don José Maria Borromeo y Galan (1847-1930) and Señora Doña Margarita Sy Reynes de Borromeo, affectionately known as “Tatay Pepe” and “Nanay Titay.”

My First Degree Cousins (heirs of Judge Andrés Borromeo y Reynes)

We have heard from my first cousins and their children including the families Evelyn Gonzaga Borromeo-Cruz (widow of my late cousin Edmond Paterno Morrow Borromeo), Joseph Ken Querouz Delano (son of my cousin Marylynn “Mars” Borromeo Querouz), Achilles “Ike” Borromeo Querouz (all of his 3 children), Andrés “Andy” Filomeno Borromeo Querouz (he and 3 of his 4 children), Anunciacion “Anon” Borromeo Atega (from West Orange, New Jersey), Socorro “Baging” Borromeo Atega (Matt’s mother), Christine Atega Tan Ugang (Matt’s sister) and Vicente “Loloi” Borromeo Atega (from Cebu City). Our common ancestor is of course Judge Andrés Borromeo y Reynes (1880-1923).

The Reynes Family

We have heard from my aunts Cora Quisumbing-King (from Wales in the United Kingdom) and Vising Quisumbing (who are sisters) and from Niki Labajos Reynes, who is the daughter of my third cousin Ricard Cortes Reynes and his wife Fineza Labajos Reynes.  The Reynes family is related to the Borromeo family – the mother of my late maternal grandfather Judge Andrés Borromeo y Reynes (1880-1923) was my great-grandmother Margarita Sy Reynes de Borromeo (1853-1931).

The Rallos Family

We have also heard from some members of the extended Rallos family, which is the family of my maternal grandmother Anunciacion Rallos de Borromeo (1885-1938).  These include the families of my mother’s second degree cousins Dr. Jesus “Tuting” Rallos Camara (San José, California), Benjamin “Ben” Rallos Camara (San José, California), Belen Camara Brown (Chicago, Illinois), Carmen Camara Verduzco (México City, México) and Milagros Villamor Young (Pearl City, Hawaii).  We have also heard from Jun Velez, a great-great-great grandson of Florentino Rallos, who was the Mayor of Cebu City from 1899 until 1908.

Unique Contributions (from Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Corsica, Italy and the Czech Republic)

One young man named Sebastian Borromeo wrote from Argentina to let us know that there are Borromeos there as well! It makes good sense, because many Italian immigrants settled in Argentina (in fact, Italians are the largest ethnic group in that country, making up 50% of the population). One visitor from Spain interested in Philippine history (Mr. Alfonso Velázquez) kindly sent us more information on my late maternal grandfather, Judge Andrés Borromeo y Reynes, which has been added to our site. We recently posted yet another page to the site (under “contributions”), which is a Roman Catholic prayer book written by my maternal grandmother, Anunciacion “Anon” Bonjoc Rallos de Borromeo (1885-1938), and published in the Cebuano language in 1923. My aunt, Carolina Mendiola Borromeo, was kind enough to translate the Cebuano prayer book and the Spanish article on Judge Andrés Borromeo into English for us.  We have also heard from the French-speaking “Borromei” family on Corsica, and from the Vitaliani-Borromeo of Italy.  “Borromei” is the Latin spelling of the surname “Borromeo.”  Another contact is Gilson Borromeu de Cardoso of Sao Paolo, Brazil.  “Borromeu” is the Portuguese spelling of the surname Borromeo.  We have also heard from Libuse “Liba” Gonsiorovsky, originally of Prague in the Czech Republic (now living in Phoenix, Arizona).  Liba’s father’s great-great uncle was the Roman Catholic Bishop Carolus Borromeo Schwartz.

The Italian Connection (possible Eighth Degree Cousins and  Beyond – an estimated 40,000 family members-plus worldwide)

We have also heard from Osvaldo Vitaliani, (born in the city of Bozen, which is the capital of the German-speaking South Tyrol region of Northern Italy) a professional chef and entrepreneur now living and working in Bucarest, Romania.  The Vitaliani family are actually the origin of the Borromeo family of Milan, Italy – a genealogical link which goes back to the 15th century.  The family tree of the Vitaliani goes back to A.D. 66.

Other new friends are the owners of the “Borgovico Como” hotel on Lake Como (one of Italy’s famous sub-Alpine lakes) – not far from the Borromean home of Milan in Northern Italy.

The Vitaliani-Borromeo Line (possible cousins of the 19th Degree and Beyond – an estimated 81,920,000 people worldwide!

The Borromeo family of Italy became “separate” from the Vitaliani family when they adopted this new surname in 1416.  We thank him for the additions to our genealogical history.  Please see our “Origin of the Borromeo Surname” web page to view a list of 578 Vitaliani and Borromeo family members born in between A.D. 66 and 1779.  One family member residing on Corsica (an Italian-speaking island now part of France) wrote to us as well.  He spells his surname “Borromei,” which is the Latin spelling of the name.  I estimate that everyone alive on the earth today has at least one common ancestor born around 1269 in the 13th century, making every human being a cousin of at least the 26th degree.

A Brief Summary of our Articles

1.) The origin of the surname “Borromeo” (originally from Milan in Northern Italy) and the history of the Philippines within the history of the world. The Borromeo family of Italy can trace its ancestral line back to the year 303, when a martyr of the early Christan Church was killed (Saint Justina of the Vitaliani family, which is the origin of the Borromeo family of Milan).  The Borromeo family of Milan, Italy “branched off” from the Vitaliani family of Padua, Italy in 1416.  The Vitaliani family has a genealogy which reaches back to A.D. 66, and this can go back as far as 292 B.C., when their forefathers lived in the town of Nocera, a suburb 8 miles from Pompei (under the surname of “Vitellius.”).  Included in “The Borromeo Family of Cebu” by Marc E. Nonnenkamp (ISBN 978-1460908082 and now available on through CreateSpace for $17.99).  The Amazon Kindle e-book edition (ASIN B004VMONZG) retails for $9.99.  Press release on News (October 10, 2012):

2.) The history of the Borromeo family within the Philippines since Carlos “Capitan Aro” Borromeo settled there in 1740. Our ancestors first settled in Cavite on Luzon, and eventually spread out to Iloilo on Panay, to Bacolod on Negros and finally to Cebu City. This section contains the genealogy and history of all Philippine Borromeo family members including my second, third, fourth and fifth degree cousins. See the section on Judge Andrés Borromeo to read about my first degree cousins.  Included in “The Borromeo Family of Cebu” by Marc E. Nonnenkamp (ISBN 978-1460908082 and now available on through CreateSpace for $17.99).   The Amazon Kindle e-book edition (ASIN B004VMONZG) retails for $9.99.  Press release on News (October 10, 2012):

3.) The history of my late maternal grandfather, Judge Andrés Borromeo y Reynes (1880-1923), who was one of the most famous and illustrious provincial judges in the history of the Philippines – he won a landmark Supreme Court case defending the very concept of the independence of the Judicial Branch of Government. This section also contains the genealogy and history of his descendants, being the group of my first degree cousins.  The end of the article features the Rallos family tree and history, with 5 generations and 213 family members listed thus far.  This subject matter is included in “The Borromeo Family of Cebu” by Marc E. Nonnenkamp (ISBN 978-1460908082 and is available on through CreateSpace for $17.99).   The Amazon Kindle e-book edition (ASIN B004VMONZG) retails for $9.99.  This was the press release on News (October 10, 2012):  ”The Borromeo Family of Cebu” has been read by at least 6,489 people to date.  Here are two related articles dated January 31, 2014 and March 11, 2014, respectively in the “PhilStar-Freeman” Newspaper from Manila about the 91st anniversary of the assassination of Judge Borromeo with 3,900 Twitter, Facebook and Google “Likes” and “Shares” as of January 27, 2015:  Here is the second article: you very much for your support and for your interest!

4.) The Family Tree of the Borromeo Family of Cebu City, the Philippines going back to 1720.  11 generations and 1,676 family members listed thus far, preceded by 24 generations of the Vitaliani-Borromeo family of Padua and Milan, Italy – for a grand total of 35 generations from 1084 to the present (1,676 Philippine Borromeos plus 578 Italian Vitaliani-Borromeos).  Included in “The Borromeo Family of Cebu” by Marc E. Nonnenkamp (ISBN 978-1460908082 and now available on through CreateSpace for $17.99).   The Amazon Kindle e-book edition (ASIN B004VMONZG) retails for $9.99.  Press release on News (October 10, 2012):

5.) The history of the Borromeo Business Group of the Philippines, incorporated from the Estate of my great-grandparents José Maria Borromeo y Galan (1847-1930) and Margarita Sy Reynes de Borromeo (1853-1931). The history goes back to 1740, when Carlos “Capitan Aro” Borromeo arrived in the Philippines and continues to this day. Business activities of other relatives in the extended family are discussed as well. Note: the “official” Internet website of the Borromeo Group of Companies may be accessed at

6.) My own story, which includes my first hand experience of the Terror Attack on New York City on September 11, 2001. I was born in New York City in 1962 (in Elmhurst in Queens) and grew mostly in Danville in Northern California from 1967 until 1987.  I earned an M.B.A. at the Mason School of Business at The College of William and Mary in Virginia and lived in Virginia until 1991.  I was in Atlanta, Georgia until 1994 and in Arizona until January 2000.

7.) Published as a two-book volume by CreateSpace of Santa Cruz, California - an Amazon subsidiary Company (Volume Number One: ISBN 978-1456573027 and Volume Number Two: ISBN 978-1-1461013372 ): “The German and the Austrian Navies / Die Deutsche und die Österreichische Marine.”  MSRP = $19.99 paperback for Volume One and $18.99 for Volume Two; both Authorlink-made e-book editions are also available – $9.99 for Volume One and $8.99 for Volume Two as Amazon Kindle books on and as Barnes & Noble NOOKbooks at  Here was the Press Release and Media Distribution to 2,457 media outlets in 12 countries released on January 24, 2012:  “The German and the Austrian Navies” was reviewed by Walter “Winn” Price in Issue Number 19 of “Naval History Book Reviews” - thanks to Dave Winkler of the Naval Historical Foundation (located in the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. – an integral part of the U.S. Navy) – with 12,188 “Likes” and “Shares” on their Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter pages as of January 27, 2015.  “The German and the Austrian Navies” has been read by at least 19,973 people to date.  Thank you very much for your support and for your interest!

The history of the Navy of the Greater German Nation, in which my paternal grandfather Wilhelm Johannes Nonnenkamp served aboard such famous ships as the Battleship “Braunschweig,” the Sailing Ship “Bremen” and the Pocket Battleship “Deutschland.” His first cousin (a man with the same first and last names) served in the Navy as well, also aboard the “Deutschland.” My cousin Gerd Nonnenkamp served aboard the Destroyer “Hamburg” in the 1960s and 1970s. Germany’s history and her role in the world are also discussed, along with the background of the German side of my own family. You will also see very many unique German Navy illustrations on our photo page.  These books have been endorsed by Captain George Albert (Retired), the Field Historian for the California Center for Military History in Eureka, California, by Hermann Landmeyer of the “Marineortungsschule Bremerhaven” of the Federal German Navy, by Mario Wegmann of the “Marinefliegergeschwader 3 Graf Zeppelin” in Nordholz of the Federal German Navy, by the Friends of Historical Ships (of the Austrian Naval League)  and by the German Naval League (the “Deutscher Marinebund, e.v.,” founded in 1891).  My German and Austrian Navy books have ranked as high as # 1 in relevance on the German Navy (as of June 28, 2011), # 1 in relevance on the Austrian Navy (as of June 28, 2011), # 1 in geopolitics (as of April 20, 2012), # 1 in popularity in books on Austrian history (as of February 13, 2013), # 2 in books on German history (as of May 20, 2011), # 2 in books on politics (as of January 5, 2013), # 2 best-rated in books on Austrian history (as of January 6, 2013), # 4 in books on Western European history (as of July 22, 2012), # 6 in books on German politics (as of February 16, 2012), # 12 rated in books on European history (as of February 13, 2013), # 16 in Hungarian history (as of June 13, 2011), # 17 on books about Government and Politics (as of March 26, 2011), # 19 on all books about Austria (as of March 6, 2011), # 41 on World History (as of March 26, 2011) and # 76 on Politics and Current Affairs (as of March 26, 2011).  They have ranked as high as number 448 in popularity (unit sales as of May 16, 2011) among all books as an e-book and number 3,489 among paperback and hard-cover books (in unit sales as of December 2, 2011).  At least 210 million unique ISBN numbers have been issued for all books and editions of books written since the beginning of recorded human history.

A new article on the “Mediterranean Strategy of the Kriegsmarine” is now under construction.  Geopolitical updates mostly as they relate to the European Union (thus related to the discussion of geopolitics especially in the second volume of my German-Austrian Navy book) are discussed as necessary on my website page titled “Book Updates and Financial Updates by Marc Nonnenkamp.”

8.) Published as a book through CreateSpace of Santa Cruz, California – an Amazon subsidiary company (ISBN 978-1460922828): “Volkswagen: a Car for the People / Volkswagen: ein Wagen für das Volk.”  MSRP = $19.99 paperback and the Authorlink-made Amazon Kindle edition (ASIN B004WDZNTE) complete with working links to and from both illustrations and chapters, working Internet links and detailed dictionary descriptions retails for just $9.99.  Also available through Barnes & Noble as an electronic NOOKbook for $9.99.  This book is now part of the official Volkswagen A.G. historical archives in Wolfsburg, Germany (as of March 25, 2011).  Professional press release to 4,500 media outlets in 32 countries done on June 20, 2011.

Two-page article published on July 22, 2011 in of the UK (a one-million subscriber automotive industry trade magazine).  Thanks to Martin Kahl!  Here is the link to the latest book review for “Volkswagen: the Peoples Car – a Success Story” written by Glen Smale for “Vehicle Engineer” and “Virtual Motorpix” of the United Kingdom:  The article had a 5-star rating with 180 “likes” and “shares” as of February 11, 2014.  “Vehicle Engineer Magazine” has many popular articles on brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Kia, Renault, GM-Vauxhall, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Alfa-Romeo, American LaFrance, Amphicars, Armstrong, Asia, Aston-Martin, Austin-Healey, Auto Union, Baker, Bentley, Benz, BMC, BMW, Brasier, Bugatti, Caterham, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Dacia, Dodge, Enfield, Ferrari, Fiat, Fisker, Ford, Frazer-Nash, GM USA, Glas, Hillman, Hispano-Suiza, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Innes-Lee, Innocenti, Invicta, Isa-Rivolta, Isotta-Fraschini, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Jensen, Lada, Lamborghini, Lancia, Land-Rover, Lexus, Lotus, Mahindra, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Messerschmitt, Metropolitan, MG, Mini, Nissan, GM-Opel, Peugeot, Pininfarina, Porsche, Reliant, Riley, Rolls-Royce, Rover, Ruska, Saab, Skoda, Smart, Suzuki, Talbot-Lago, Talbot, Tatra, Toyota, Triumph, TVR and Volvo with more than 4,895 “likes.”  South African-born editor Glen Smale has published bestselling books on brands such as Ferrari, Porsche and Jaguar.

The history of Volkswagen, my favorite automotive brand. My family has owned Volkswagen cars since 1961, Mercedes-Benz since 1972 and Chrysler since 2004. Other brands in our past include Opel, Chevrolet, Ford, Maxwell, Pierce-Arrow and Hudson going back to 1906. Not to be forgotten are our own Borromeo “Tartanilla” horse-drawn carriages going back to 1879.  Opel is a German subsidiary of GM. Maxwell & Hudson are dormant brands owned by Chrysler (Hudson once having been part of AMC). Pierce-Arrow is a wonderful luxury brand once owned by Studebaker (which, believe it or not, still makes the New Avanti AVX Coupé and Convertible on a very limited scale in Cancun, Mexico). Studebaker also makes a large new SUV (actually called an “XUV” for “Extreme Utility Vehicle”) and the SVO (“Special Vehicle Operations”) Lister Roadster.  This book has been endorsed by the “Athena Press” of the United Kingdom, by “New Line Equity Pre-Foreclosure Acquisition Services,” by the “BMW Automotive Blog” of Jeff Noel, by “Fast Saturday Links” of Rusty Norris, by the “Naturfreunde Touristenverein von Barsinghausen” of Horst Nonnenkamp.  The illustrations for my book have the official endorsement of (the largest VW enthusiast website, with more than 75 million vistors, 279 million visits and 4.9 BILLION page views since they were established in 1996).  VW is the largest automaker in Europe and one of the largest corporations in the world.  My VW book & Toy book store on has received 5,340 customers as of January 27, 2015.  ”Volkswagen: a Car for the People – a Success Story” has been read by at least 15,283 people to date.  Thank you very much for your support and for your interest!

My Volkswagen book has ranked as high as # 1 in popularity in books on “Customer Service” (within Business & Investing books as of March 29, 2011), # 2 in Business Biographies & History (as of December 20, 2012), # 2 among English-language books on Industry Branches & Careers (in Germany and Austria as of June 26, 2011), # 2 in English-language books on Industry & Economics (in Spain as of August 17, 2012), # 3 in Industry Sectors & Professions (as of December 20, 2012), # 4 among English-language books on Business Biographies & Histories (in Germany and Austria as of June 26, 2011), # 4 in relevance to the Volkswagen brand name (as of June 29, 2011), # 10 in books about Trucks (as of March 29, 2011), # 15 in Industry Sectors and Professions (in France as of August 14, 2012), # 24 in books on Automotive History (as of April 15, 2011), # 17 in books on business finance biographies & primers (as of October 21, 2011), # 29 in books on “Company Histories” (in Business & Investing as of June 23, 2011), # 30 in books on German history, # 39 within the category of “Economic Conditions” (in Business & Investing), # 48 rated in Company Histories (as of June 23, 2011), # 81 in company histories (within business finance biographies and histories as of August 13, 2011), and # 88 ranked in Hobbies (as of March 9, 2011).  It has ranked as high as number 412 in popularity (in unit sales as of April 25, 2011) among all books as an e-book and number 1,916 among books (as of December 20, 2012).  “Volkswagen: a Car for the People – a Success Story” ranked # 2,675 among Kindle e-books in Brazil as of October 31, 2014.

Many thanks for the kind comments for my VW book from “Tito Nene” Federico Borromeo, Paolo Ugang, Vicente “Loloi” Atega, Niel Coronel, Marjoe Borromeo, Cat Herrera, Andy Querouz, Alexander Tuma, Philipp Depisch, Theo Mahlknecht, Harald Mitterer, Manfred Nonnenkamp, Myrna Lopez, Juanita Amoncio, Boggs Onatnom, Richard Borromeo, Reena Sapecai, Sabine Bossert, Worrapong Arm, Betchay Pascua, Sheri Sanseverino, Nicole Nonnenkamp, Gerd Nonnenkamp, Rhett Stoner, Osvaldo Vitaliani, Axel Berger, Bob Olsen, Ted Kaufman, John Spaulding, Tony Cruz, Fred Perry, Rusty & Susie Leopoldshagen, B. Tigerfeld, L. & P.B. Barskamp, George Afferden, Sonny Hasenmoor, C. Hundheim, W. Wolfsberg, B. Vogelzang, William F. Benecke, Randy Diego, Chris Jansons, Gary Vroegh, Larry & Gerta Klages, Jürgen Amtmann, Joyce Krause, Alan Ruckel, Omar Madrigal, Tony Clendenin, Kaye Sorensen, Sherry Hummel, Heather Dickinson, Paul & Marilyn Dickinson, Nikki Dickinson, Jane Mercier, Mary Mercier, Steve Vigil, Keith White, Terry Herrera, Mario Wegmann, Gilson Cardozo, Nilda Borromeo, Sheri Myslowietz, Doris Braun, Kathy Dunne and Jim Shortle.

9.) Published as a book by CreateSpace of Santa Cruz, California – an Amazon subsidiary company: “Scale Model Collectible Cars – with Official Corgi Toys Catalogue Illustrations.” (ISBN 978-1460915028).  MSRP = $19.99 paperback and the CreateSpace-made Amazon Kindle edition (ISBN 978-1-61397-281-6 and ASIN B004WSXFLM) retails for just $9.99.  The Kindle version features working links to and from both illustrations & chapters, working Internet links and detailed dictionary descriptions – and is now enrolled in the Amazon Kindle Select lending library as well.  Major international press release to 28,908 media contacts in 41 countries around the world on July 16, 2012:  This press release has received 147 responses as of April 5, 2013 - a phenomenal performance where 15 replies is considered to be very good.  Thanks so much for your support and for your interest!

Information on the collection of diecast miniature cars, one of my own hobbies. Brands mentioned (the most common in my own collection) include “Matchbox-Dinky,” “Corgi,” “Minichamps,” “Wiking,” “Schuco-Schabak-Gama,” “Brekina,” “Welly,” “Ixo,” “Vitesse,” “Rio,” “Solido,” “Igra,” “Ertl,” “New Ray,” “Jouef,” “Franklin Mint,” “Tonka-Polistil,” “Budgie,” “BUB,” “Cursor” and “Tomica.”  The illustrations for my book have been endorsed by Hornby Hobbies of the United Kingdom, who own the Corgi, Lledo, Jouef, Airfix, Humbrol, Scalextric, Rivarossi, Slot-it and Tomy Tomica brands.  Hornby is the largest toy company in the UK.  Hornby is the largest toymaker in the United Kingdom.  My toy car book is featured on 7 Internet sites in 4 countries (the USA, the UK, France and the Philippines).  This book has ranked as high as # 1,275 in popularity (in unit sales as of May 4, 2012) as an e-book, number 10,630 among paperback and hard-cover books (as of December 21, 2011), # 1 in popularity among toy books (as of May 3, 2014), # 1 in relevance to scale model cars (as of June 29, 2011), # 1 in books about Crafts & Hobbies (as of May 3, 2014), # 1 in Antique and Collectible books in France (as of October 18, 2012), # 2 rated in toy books (as of June 23, 2011), # 1 in books on Antiques & Collectibles (as of May 3, 2014), # 3 in Toy books in France (as of October 18, 2012), # 4 in popularity among catalogue books, # 6 in Craft & Hobby books in France (as of October 18, 2012), # 7 among books on classic cars (as of May 7, 2012), # 22 in Antique and Collectible books in Japan (as of April 27, 2014), # 32 in Toy books in Japan (as of April 27, 2014) and # 150 Craft & Hobby books in Japan (as of April 27, 2014).  “Scale Model Collectible Cars” ranked # 38 among Toy books in Canada as of October 31, 2014 and # 55 in Brazil as of November 3, 2014.

At least 210 million unique ISBN book titles have been published since the beginning of time.

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“Toy and Hobby Retailer” of Australia is the leading toy industry magazine and website from the land “down under.”  Their latest monthy issue and website feature my article on “Scale Model Collectible Cars” as their lead article in conjunction with the 75th anniversary of their magazine.  Thanks very much to Editor Fiona Cameron:  My toy book store on com has received 926 customers and my toy book store on has served 361 customers as of January 27, 2015.  “Scale Model Collectible Cars” has been read by at least 2,656 people to date.  Thank you very much for your support and for your interest!

10.)  An article on the Nonnenkamp family tree and genealogical history, with 16 generations and 550 family members listed (“Stammbaum der Familie Nonnenkamp” in German).  A number of family members have written into our site, including Ann-Kathrin Nonnenkamp, Michael Nonnenkamp, Gerrit Nonnenkamp, Manfred Nonnenkamp, Betty Nonnenkamp, Ingrid Nonnenkamp, Don Nonnenkamp, Birgit Nonnenkamp-Colditz, J.P. Nonnenkamp, Moritz Nonnenkamp, Sandra Nonnenkamp, Thomas Nonnenkamp, Susanne Nonnenkamp, Wilfried Erwin Nonnenkamp, Stefan Nonnenkamp, Harald Nonnenkamp Büntjen, Ralf Büntjen, Gaby Büntjen Eden, Bill Hinkle, Ina Nonnenkamp, Ronja Nonnenkamp, Karen Nonnenkamp-Smyth, Jörg Nonnenkamp, Jannik Nonnenkamp, Jennifer Nonnenkamp, Gerd Nonnenkamp, Monika Nonnenkamp, Nicole Nonnenkamp, Bernd Nonnenkamp and Martin Nonnenkamp.

11.) “Das Deutschtum” – information on the German population of the world.

Now published through CreateSpace of Santa Cruz, California (an Amazon subsidiary company) and available on for the MSRP of $17.99 paperback and $9.99 as an Amazon Kindle e-book:  “The Borromeo Family of Cebu” by Marc E. Nonnenkamp (released on March 11, 2011).  My Borromeo Book has ranked as high as # 1 in relevance to the name “Borromeo” (as of June 29, 2011), # 11 rated in books on Italy (as of July 10, 2011), # 23 rated in books on Italian history (as of April 21, 2011), # 34 in sales on Italian history (as of April 13, 2011), # 38 in Philippine history (as of April 8, 2011), # 73 in Southeast Asian history (as of June 11, 2011), # 61,967 as an e-book (as of April 8, 2011) and # 66,311 among paperback and hard-cover books (as of February 16, 2013).  Featured by the Borromeo Country Hotel in Milan, Italy (just 5 minutes from the Linate International Airport).  My book on the Borromeo Family of Cebu is on the Amazon “Bestseller” list in the USA (the top one percent of retail products).  Many thanks for the personal compliments to Mayor Mike Rama of Cebu City, Tita Meluz Borromeo Solan, Tita Carol Mercado Ocampo, Tito “Nene” Federico & Tita Nena Noel Borromeo, Pilar Barredo Borromeo Garmsen, Tom Barredo Borromeo, Lito Barredo Borromeo, Kevin & Evelyn Borromeo Cruz, Marjoe Borromeo, Anon Borromeo Atega, Baging Borromeo Atega, Paolo Tan Ugang, Bob & Pauly Skiba, Steve Roth, Bob & Maria Roth, Rusty & Susie Leopoldshagen, B. & Barbara Barskamp Tigerfeld, L. & B. Barskamp, S. Katzenberg, P. Barskamp, William Frederick Benecke, A. Armsen, Tony R. & M. Cruz, S. Eichhorn, Balder & P. von Solar, Heather Ashley Dickinson, Paul & Marilyn Dickinson, Nikki Dickinson, N. Nesselsdorfer, Sherry Hummel, Steve & Martha Hummel Seagram, Kaye Sorensen, O. & Samantha Mercier, Marsha Zyma, Hildegard Doorman, Sheri Myslowietz, George Afferden, Jack & Deloris Barrett, Sonny Hasenmoor, Frederick Perry, Ron Britton, James Reyes, Chris Alaire, Don Vandervoort, Karen Elizabeth Sowell, Michael Woitala, Terry Herrera, Gilson Cardozo, Keith White, Steve Vigil, Nilda Borromeo, Doris Braun, Kathy Dunne and Francisco M. from Portugal.  Press release on News (October 10, 2012):

This press release was sent to 6,539 media outlets including Yahoo News, NBC News, Bloomberg News, Reuters News Service, CBS News Los Angeles, CBS News Chicago, CBS News Philadelphia, CBS News San Francisco, CBS News Dallas, ABC News Raleigh, ABC News Houston, ABC News Philadelphia, ABC News New York, the Anchorage Daily News, the Contra Costa Times, the El Paso Times, the Houston Chronicle, the Los Angeles Daily News, the Las Cruces Sun News, Minnesota Public Radio, the Oakland Tribune, the Buffalo News, the Sacramento Bee, the Wichita Eagle and many more.  This press release has generated 72 responses to date – wonderful considering that 15 replies is very high for any press release at all!  Thank you so very much for your interest and your support!

Recipes contributed to the Family Reunion Cookbook

My second cousins Susanna “Susie” Borromeo Milne and her sister Christina “Ina” Borromeo Gaston are collecting recipes from family members and compiling them into a new book which will be shared with family members (along with a photo album of past and present family members) after the grand reunion in Cebu City. Below are two recipes contributed by my mother Hermenegilda “Gilda” Amor Victoria Borromeo Nonnenkamp:

Apple Cake

Peel three large apples, then cut them into small chunks. Pour two cups of sugar over the apple chunks, then let them stand. Now pour two cups of flour into a bowl. Add one teaspoon of cinnamon and one teaspoon of baking soda into the bowl as well. Then add the previously cut apples into the growing mixture in your bowl. Now add the following ingredients into your bowl: two unbeaten eggs, two teaspoons of vanilla, 3/4 cup of vegetable oil, one-half cup of nuts and finally one-half cup of raisins. Mix all of the ingredients in your bowl and then place into a container such as a glass pyrex to bake for 45 to 50 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit in your oven.

Chicken with Cream of Mushroom

Use eight various pieces of fried chicken, with the skin removed if you so desire. Slice a large onion into many thin pieces, then chop it up into even smaller pieces and place both the chicken and the onion aside for the moment. Pour one can of “cream of mushroom” soup, plus a little corn starch and one cup of milk into a bowl to mix these ingredients. Then set aside one to two teaspoons of basil flakes, soy sauce and a bottle of white wine.

Directions: Saute the chopped onion with two to three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Now add the chicken pieces and allow them to cook with the chopped onion and olive oil for a few minutes. Take the bowl with the mix (from above) and make sure it is mixed until it is smooth – then add it to your cooking chicken, allowing it to cook for a few more minutes. Now sprinkle the two teaspoons of basil flakes and some soy sauce to the cooking chicken and allow it to simmer until it becomes tender. Add a touch of white wine, mix and serve.


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  1. on 09 May 2008 at 04:241 pradotonivi

We are very excited of the forthcoming family reunion. We are interested and we want to attend.What is the address in Talisay?  I’m sure we are going to find it because we are just residing in Mambaling.  My grandfather, Juan Veloso Borromeo belongs to the biggest family in Cebu, being the youngest sibling of 18 children.  I want to send you their family picture, it is a very old one as soon as I have my scanner connected.  Kc or karla christina borromeo detoya is my first degree cousin.  At the moment she is in Los Angeles visiting her parents but she is a medical student at the university of the Philippines.  We love you and your website!

  1. on 24 Jul 2009 at 07:282 tey12tey

hi im michelle borromeo, and i’m just wondring if you happen to came across the name of my grandfather Carlos Borromeo he was from hinigaran negros occidental and was married to maura batalla. I just want to know more about my lineage because all i know are my first cousins, and when i see this site.. i was trilled.. reading about the history of borromeo’s… thank you so much for doing this for our family!

  1. on 05 Sep 2009 at 21:363 ry_troy24

Hi I’m Rey Payan Borromeo, I’m working here in UAE as a Nurse. I am happy to have visited and logg in my account to this great website. I just want to know if you happen to came across with my grand father Eusebio Aguilor Borromeo, Sr. and his father Clemente Borromeo my great grand father. They were settlers of Camiguin Island way back spanish times. My grand father told our father that he has a cousin in Cebu. But my grand father has no chance to meet them because he felt lonely that time when his both parents died at Camiguin Island when he was a child. My grand father was the “only son”. In his mature age he then migrated to Cagayan de Oro City and he owned a living and properties there. Also in Butuan and Agusan Bayugan dos, and In-fact becasue of his generousity he donated 2 hectars of the land for the building of Elementary school in Bayugan Dos Agusan, to where the principal of the school asked my grand father to named the school after Him. But my grand father refused the offer becasue my grand father was so low-profile in nature. Untill he migrated to Compostella Valley province, North Davao where he owned properties also and lives there a couple of years to where my father was born. He then wanting a new advanture and that time he leave the place and gave the property to the teenance because of his generosity. He then migrated to Davao City to where he lives and work at Sarmento company as an accountant. My grand father was an adventurous man, and because of it he resigned to his permanent job and migrated to General Santos City and also owned properties there to where he sold it because of conflict and misunderstanding between my grand mother. Years by years they migrated to Sultan Kudarat (Kalamansig) Cotabato my grand mother’s place (Ilocano) to where she owned a rice field there, then they settled there until his death. Until such time my father Alberto Balmonte Borromeo, Sr. came to Digos City Davao del Sur and met my mother and got married and lived there and there I was born.

Well thank you, for the time and oppurtunity to try to trace my lineage here. Hope sooner or later I get a significant reply from one of your staff.  Thank you so much for all your hard work on this wonderful website!


Rey Payan Borromeo

mission as a military man. and came across to meet my mom and they got married.

  1. on 21 Aug 2010 at 20:464 webbor

Um. Excuse me. So am I related to all of you guys? I really have no idea. My father was born in Cebu and my grandfather named Vicente Borromeo just passed away and my great grandfather was Leon Borromeo. I’m sure that’s barely enough information though.  You guys have the most awesome website!

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