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Borromeo: Part of the Past, Present and Future of both Cebu and Negros

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Borromeo (from Milan, Italy): surname of a pious person who made the pilgrimage to Rome (Latin spelling = Borromei). The most famous member of the family is Saint Cardinal Carlo de Medici Borromeo (1538-1584), who was the Archbishop of Milan, Italy (1560-1584), the son of the Count of Arona Ghiberto Borromeo (1512-1558) and Margarita de Medici, the brother of Count Federigo Borromeo I, and the nephew of Cardinal Angelo de Medici, who became Pope Pius IV (1559-1565). He was very influential at the Tridentine Council (Council of Vatican I held in the city of Trent). He was also the uncle of the Archbishop of Milan Federigo Borromeo II (1564-1631). The Borromeo family of Milan still owns the four Borromean Islands in Lago Maggiore, Italy. Today there are people with the surname “Borromeo” living in Italy, Austria, Ireland, México, Argentina, Chile, the USA, Canada, the Philippines, Singapore and Australia. The surname comes from Italy and certainly spread with Northern Italian immigrants to the USA, México, Argentina and Chile. The “Manila Galleon” trade during Spanish colonial times took sailing vessels from Europe to the New World (specifically to México), to the Philippines and then back again to Europe for more than 370 consecutive years.  This consisted of one Galleon, which sailed from Manila to Acapulco and back.  Most of the Spaniards in the Philippines in fact came from México.

The origin of the Borromeo family of Milan, Italy is actually the Vitaliani family of Padua, Italy.  The “separation” occured in 1416, when Vitaliano Borromeo I adopted the new surname “Borromeo.”  The Vitaliani family of Italy can trace its own genealogy back to A.D. 66 – information for which we thank Osvaldo Vitaliani, who lives and works as a professional executive chef in Southern France (he was born in the city of Bozen, which is the capital of the German-speaking South Tyrol region of Northern Italy).

Thank you for visiting, and thanks for your interest in genealogy!  Note: the “Rallos” family tree can be seen at the end of my article on Judge Andrés Borromeo y Reynes.

Hier kann man etwas über berühmte Mitglieder der Familie Borromeo aus Italien lesen, aber hauptsächlich viel über den Stammbaum der Familie Borromeo aus den Philippinen lernen. Mein persönlicher Stammbaum (der Stammbaum von dem Richter Andrés Borromeo y Reynes) können Sie unter “Judge Andrés Borromeo” (ein anderer Artikel auf meiner Webseite) lesen.  Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch!

The Borromeo Family Line of Milan, Italy
1. Saint Justina Vitaliani of Padua, Italy (martyred in 303 AD): see immediately below for the link between the Vitaliani and the Borromeo families of Italy:

New Information through Osvaldo Vitaliani (originally of Bozen, South Tyrol, Northern Italy); numbered by Generation (only the surviving eldest male lines are listed here):

1.)  Giovanni dei Vitaliani (rich nobleman living in Padua).

2.)  Sigifredo Vitaliani (died 1084).

3.)  Palamede Vitialiani (Lord of Bosco, Bojone and San Angelo; died in 1124).

4.)  Vitaliano Vitaliani (Lord of Bosco, Bojone and San Angelo; died in 1175).

5.)  Gherardo Vitaliani (Lord of Bosco, Bojone and San Angelo; died in 1142 – survived by his own father Vitaliano by 33 years).

6.)  Pietro Vitaliani (Lord of Bosco, Bojone and San Angelo; died in 1161 – survived by his own paternal grandfather Vitaliano by 14 years).

7.)  Vitaliano Vitaliani (Lord of Bosco, Bojone and San Angelo; became the Consul of Genoa in 1218).

8.)  Matteo Vitaliani (Lord of Bosco, Bojone and San Angelo; became the Provveditore of Padua in 1236).

9.)  Vitaliano Vitaliani (Lord of Bosco, Bojone and San Angelo; his fiefs were confiscated by Ezzelino da Romano, the Lord of Verona; beheaded in Brescia on June 20, 1256).

10.)  Giovanni Vitaliani (Lord of Bosco, Bojone and San Angelo; imprisoned and killed in Cittadella, Venice in 1256.  Married to Gherarda of the House of Este, which is related to the House of Habsburg and which is the origin of the House of the Guelphs).

11.)  Gherardo Vitaliani (Lord of Bosco, Bojone and San Angelo; became the Consigliere Maggiore of Padua.  Born in 1239 and died in 1280).

12.)  Pietro Vitaliani (Lord of Bosco, Bojone and San Angelo; died in 1360.  Married to Beatrice Zabarella).

13.)  Giacomo Giacobino Vitaliani (Knighted by the Lord of Ferrara on March 15, 1352.  Appointed Ambassador of Padua in Venice in 1360.  Died in Padua on July 19, 1409.  Married to Margherita Borromeo di San Miniato, who was the daughter of Filippo Borromeo di San Miniato, who died in Milan on June 19, 1429).

14.)  Vitaliano Borromeo (the 1st Count of Arona on May 26, 1445, who took his mother’s surname “Borromeo.”  Died on October 4, 1449.  Married to Ambrogina Fagnani, who was the daughter of Giacomo Fagnani, and who died in 1441).  Vitialiani Borromeo was also a Counsellor to the Duke of Milan, the Treasurer of Milan and Ducal Treasurer after January 7, 1448.  He became the Lord of Arona on November 14, 1436, the Lord of Camajrago and San Vito on September 20, 1440, the Ducal Counsellor and the Lord of Lesa in 1441, a Senator and Ambassador of Milan in 1447.  He adopted the surname “Borromeo” in 1431, and thereby gave up his fiefs near Padua.

15.)  Filippo Borromeo (2nd Count of Arona from 1449-1464).  Became the Cavaliere Aurato on March 22, 1450, the Lord of Vigezzo on May 5, 1450, the Lord Camajrago and San Vito, the Consignore of Laveno, Monvalle, Cerro, Ceresole, Celina, Arolo and Ispra, and the Counsellor of the Duke of Milan.  Married to Francesca Visconti, who was the daughter and the heiress of Lancilotto Count con Cicognola.

16.)  Giovanni Borromeo (4th Count of Arona and the Count of Angera after the death of his elder brother Vitaliano Borromeo on September 7, 1493).  Signore of Vigezzo, Laveno, Lesa, Canobbio, Camairago, Cerro, Ceresole, Celina, Arolo and Ispra.  Consignore of Omegna from 1493 to 1495.  Counsellor and Senator of Milan.  Married to Maria Cleofe Pio, who was the daughter of Giberto, the Count and Lord of Carpi and his wife Elisabetta Migliorati.

17.)  Giberto Borromeo (5th Count of Arona, and the Count of Angera, Italy as well from 1495 until his death in 1527.  General in Milan, Italy.  Born in 1463, and died in Milan on February 27, 1527).  Married to Magdalena of Brandenburg of the Hohenzollern Dynasty.  The Hohenzollerns ruled their ancestral home of “Zollern” in Swabia (modern Württemberg in Southwestern Germany) since 1061, the City of Nürnberg in Franconia (in Northern Bavaria) since 1192, the Margraviate / Electorate / Duchy of Brandenburg (of which Berlin was the capital city) since 1398, and the Duchy / Kingdom of Prussia (later known as “East Prussia”) since 1525.

18.)  Federico Borromeo (6th Count of Arona, and the Count of Angera, Italy as well from 1527 until his death in 1529.  Decurione Perpetuo and Ducal Colonnel of Milan, Italy.  Born in Milan in 1492 and died there on June 5, 1529.  Married to Veronia Visconti in 1509, she being the daughter of Galeazzo from the Counts of Somma and his wife Antonia from the Counts of Mauruzzi).  She was born in 1498 and died on August 13, 1519.

19.)  Giulio Cesare Borromeo (Abbot of SS Gratiniano and Felino until 1550, renounced the rights thereto for his nephew Carlo Borromeo, then became the 8th Count of Arona and Angera, Italy).  His elder brother Giberto Borromeo was the 7th Count of Arona and Angera.  Giulio Cesare Borromeo was also the Lord of Camajrago and San Vito, the Co-Lord of Laveno, Monvalle, Cuvio, Ceresole, Celina, Arolo and Ispra from 1562 until 1572.  He was born in Arona on November 13, 1517 and died in Milan on August 5, 1572.  He married Margherita Trivulzio (she was the daughter of Renato, the Lord of Formigara and his wife Isabella Borromeo; she died in 1601) for his issue:

20.)  Renato Borromeo (9th Count of Arona and Angera, Italy.  Also the Lord of Camajrago, San Vito, Arona, Angera, Vogogna, Intra, Lesa, Cannobbio, Vegezzo, Omegna, Vitaliana, Formigara, Guardasono, Palestro, plus the Co-Lord of Laveno, Monvalle, Cuvio, Ceresole, Celina, Arolo and Ispra from 1586 until 1608.  He was also the Decurione and the Ambassador of Milan, and a Secret Counsellor to King Felipe III of Spain after 1601.  He was born in Milan on November 1, 1555 and died in Arona on August 19, 1608.  Married in Milan on September 15, 1579 to Ersilia Farnese (born 1565 and died on May 2, 1596).

21.)  Carlo Borromeo (10th Count of Arona and Angera, Italy, plus the Lord of Vogogna, Canobbio, Laveno, Lesa, Ispra, Vigezzo, Camairago, Vitaliana, and the Consignore di Omegna from 1613 until 1652.  Born in 1586 and died on February 28, 1652.  Married on February 8, 1612 to Isabella d’Adda, she being the daughter of Count Ercole.  She died as a nun in the Monastery of Visitazione in Arona on March 25, 1658.  Before this, she was the widow of Carlo Borromeo and then of Count Carlo Barbiano di Belgioioso.

22.)  Renato Borromeo (11th Count of Arona and Angera, Italy from 1652 until 1685.  Ambassador in Madrid, Spain after 1649, Decurione of Milan, Italy after 1652.  Born on August 13, 1618 and died on May 1, 1685.  Married on December 26, 1652 to Giulia Arese, who was the daughter and heiress of Count Bartolomeo, the Lord of Cesano (she was born in Milan on June 25, 1636 and died there as well on March 19, 1704).

23.)  Carlo Borromeo (15th Count of Arona, 5th Marquess of Angera, Lord of Camajrago, San Vito, Arona, Angera, Formigara, Voggona, Intra, Lesa, Cannobbio, Vegezzo, Omegna, Vitaliana, Guardasono and Palestro, Co-Lord of Laveno, Monvalle, Cuvio, Ceresole, Celina, Arsolo and Ispra from 1690 until 1734).  Spanish Ambassador in Rome after 1686, Governor of Novara and Decurion of Milan after 1692 and “Great of Spain 1st Class” on October 15, 1708.  Private Counsellor, Plenipotentiary Minister and Knight of the Golden Fleece after 1715 (the latter is a Roman Catholic Fraternity which the Habsburg family members are very prominent).  Prince of Maccagno Imperiale after 1716.  Inherited Cesano from his mother in 1690 and took the surname of “Borromeo Arese.”  Born on April 28, 1657 and died on July 3, 1734.  First marriage on May 27, 1677 to Donna Giovanna Oldescalchi.  She was descended from the Dukes of Bracciano, and was the daughter of Carlo Oldescalchi and his wife Beatrice, who was in turn descended from the Counts of Cusani, as well as being a niece of Pope Innocenzo XI (she was born on January 24, 1657 and she died on July 14, 1679).  Second marriage in April 1689 to Donna Camilla Barberini, who was the daughter of Don Maffeo, the second Prince of Palestrina and his wife Donna Olimpia Giustiniani, who was in turn descended from the Princes of Bassano (born in 1660 and died on June 20, 1740).  Note: Carlo Borromeo must have had 3 older male relatives who held the title “Count of Arona” before he inherited it.

24.)  Giovanni Benedetto Borromeo (16th Count of Arona, 6th Marquess of Angera, Prince of Maccagno Imperiale, Lord of Camajrago, Cesano, Arona, Angera, Formigara, Voggona, Intra, Lesa, Cannobbio, Vegezzo, Omegna, Vitaliana, Guardasono and Palestro, Co-Lord of Laveno, Monvalle, Cuvio, Ceresole, Celina, Arsolo and Ispra, and “Great of Spain 1st Class” from 1734 to 1744.  Born on July 1, 1679 and died on March 18, 1744.  Married on July 7, 1707 to Clelia Grillo, who was the daughter of Marcantonio, the Marquess of Clarafuentes and the Patrizio of Genoa (born in 1684 and died on August 23, 1777).  Note: Giovanni Benedetto Borromeo and his wife had 8 children, 2 of which sired the Italian Borromeo lines still in existence to this day (the lines of Renato Borromeo, who lived from 1710-1778, and of Francesco Borromeo, who lived from 1720-1772).

When Ferdinand Magellan landed on Mactan Island in Cebu in 1521, he had perhaps 37 Italians in his crew.  The first “independent” Italian immigrants settled in the Philippines after 1600.  The horse drawn carts manufactured by the firm of my great-great grandfather José “Tatay Pepe” Maria Borromeo y Galan (1847-1930) were known as “Tartanillas,” which is Spanish for the original Italian “Tartanellas” – wooden sailing fishing boats of 10 to 40 tons total displacement.  These boats were native to the Adriatic Sea in between Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Dalmatia, Montenegro and Albania.  “Tartanellas” were peculiar to the Adriatic – elsewhere they were known as “Brazzeras.”

One Carlo Maria Borromeo (not of the direct surviving lines listed above) died in Rome on November 11, 1650.  He was a clergyman (a monk) who had no legitimate heirs.  He was the 5th of 13 children of his father Giulio Cesare Borromeo (1590-1638).  Giulio Cesare Borromeo was in turn a younger brother of Count Carlo Borromeo (1586-1652), who is number (21) on the list above.

The Philippine Borromeo Line (from Cavite to Cebu City)

Hier beginnt der Stammbaum der philippinischen Borromeos. Wir glauben, daß Karl Kapitän Aro (“Carlos Capitan Aro”) Borromeo im Jahre 1744 von Canton in China nach Cavite auf Luzon umgezogen ist. Er war Regierungsbeamter, vielleicht auch der Bürgermeister von Cavite.

First Generation
Carlos “Capitan Aro” Borromeo Sr. (Born outside of the Philippines circa 1720).  Settled in the city of Cavite on the island of Luzon circa 1744.  Served as a “Gobernadorcillo” in Cavite on Luzon.  Most of his offspring remained on Luzon, while at least one son moved to Panay.  The current generation of the “Luzon” Borromeo line include my own cousins of the 7th degree.  We have yet to re-connect the pre-World War 2 genealogy (destroyed and lost by 1945) which was completed by my maternal grandfather’s first degree cousin Marcial Borromeo y Guerrero.  This is the information which has been shared with us to date by Teodora “Doris” Borromeo De Los Santos Shinn of Oregon, who is likely my cousin of the 7th degree.  The parents of Doris (Eighth Generation of the Cavite-Luzon Line) are Teresita Borromeo married to Arthur De Los Santos, Sr.

Ninth Generation: Cavite-Luzon Line (Doris and her siblings):

  1. Teodora “Doris” Borromeo De Los Santos Shinn: married
  2. Arthur Borromeo De Los Santos
  3. Michael Borromeo De Los Santos
  4. Angela Borromeo De Los Santos
  5. Ed Borromeo De Los Santos
  6. Theresa Borromeo De Los Santos
  7. Patty Borromeo De Los Santos
  8. Cynthia Borromeo De Los Santos Guzman: married

Ninth Generation: Cavite-Luzon Line (cousins of Doris and her siblings):

  1. Carolina Soriano
  2. Sonnie Kabigting
  3. Mike Quintos
  4. Maria Santos
  5. Chiquie Villaresen
  6. Junbo Borromeo
  7. Charito Zafra
  8. Chelo Borromeo
  9. Chetan Borromeo Sharp: married
  10. Chotto Go
  11. Christina Perez Eustaquio: married
  12. Alvin Borromeo
  13. Angel Quintos
  14. Henry Villar
  15. Mariles Villar
  16. Bobby Villar
  17. Christina Sevilla
  18. Horacio Borromeo
  19. Zanaida Borromeo
  20. Lee Choolitho
  21. Igmedio Borromeo
  22. Lutz Borromeo Florina: married
  23. Mariles Villar Gonzales: married
  24. My Burgoyne Dino: married
  25. Patricia Burgoyne
  26. Ramon Kabigting
  27. Sonnie Kabigting Duarte: married
  28. Susan Villar Phillips: married
  29. Teddy Borromeo
  30. Tommy Borromeo

Second Generation
Carlos Borromeo Jr. (born circa 1745 in the city of Cavite on Luzon).  Settled in the city of Iloilo on the island of Panay in the northern Visayas circa 1769.  Most of his offspring remained on Panay, while at least one son moved to the island of Negros in the central Visayas.

Third Generation

Carlos Borromeo III (1770-1839). Born in the city of Bacolod in the central Visayas.  Most of his offspring remained on Negros, while at least one son moved to Cebu in the southern Visayas.  The Borromeo clan on the island of Negros is based in Tanjay City.

Fourth Generation: Negros-Cebuano Line
1. Carlos Felis Borromeo (1795-1864) and Maria Angela Tupas de Borromeo (1800-1849). Carlos Felis Borromeo IV was born in Bacolod but moved to Cebu and fathered the present day “fat” (“tambok”) and “thin” (“daut” or “niwang”) Borromeo lines. 6 children (Rita, Maria, Paula, Angel, Florentino and Maximo).  Maximo fathered the “fat” line and the younger Florentino fathered the “thin” line.

2. Carlos Borromeo (born circa 1801).  He was either a brother or perhaps a first degree cousin of Carlos Felis Borromeo.  He remained on Negros to father the modern day Negros line.  He and his wife fathered four children named Rufino, Blas, Buenaventura and Maria.  We believe that only Rufino married and had descendants.

Fifth Generation: Negros-Cebuano Line

Rufino Borromeo (born circa 1842) married Salome Café in 1880 and had ten children named Juan, German, Paula, Jacoba, Fortunato, Escolastica, Regina, Liberata, Francisco and Consolacion.  Juan married and had one child.  German married and had six children.  Francisco married and had 11 children.

Fifth Generation: Cebuano Line

Maximo Borromeo y Feliz (1820-1892) and Hermenegilda Galan de Borromeo (1825-1894). Maximo fathered the so-called “fat line” (“mga tambok”) of Cebuano Borromeos.

Sixth Generation: Negros-Cebuano Line

  1. German Borromeo y Café was born in 1883 and married Inocenta Reyes y Villaflores (born in 1878) on December 26, 1906.  They had six children named Restituto, Leopoldo, Efigenia, Esperidion, Godofredo and Beatriz.
  2. Francisco Borromeo y Café married Francisca Cabañang Cinco Pileo and they had 11 children named Jaime Rosaleo, Epifanio Zacarias, Purita, Maria Clara, Solomon, Juan de Dios, Victoria Juana, Basilica Aurea, Victor Rufino, Paulino and Josefa.
  3. Juan Borromeo y Café married Ramona Reyes and they had one son named Aldredo.
  4. Ramon Borromeo y Café married Juvita Tiongson and had five children named Suela, Encarnacion, Dolores, Celso and Carmelina.

Sixth Generation: Cebuano Line
1. Leoncia Borromeo y Galan (1845): no issue.
2. José Maria Borromeo y Galan (April 12, 1847 – March 16, 1930), aged 82 years, and Margarita Reynes de Borromeo (July 20, 1853 – October 13, 1931): Aged 78 years.

Seventh Generation: Negros-Cebuano Line

Children of German Borromeo y Café and Inocenta Reyes y Villaflores:

  1. Restituto Reyes Borromeo married Cristina Avila and had seven children named René Domingo, Isabel Lulu, Virginia Consessa, Restituto Angelito Jr., Grace Elena, Raul Eduardo and Maria Cristina.
  2. Leopoldo Reyes Borromeo did not marry and had no issue.
  3. Efigenia Reyes Borromeo married Sancho Espinas and had three children named Norma Joji, Heidi and Dennis.
  4. Esperidion Reyes Borromeo Sr. married Primitiva Banogon and they had five children named Esperidion Jr., Joel, Landy, Hector and Pinky.
  5. Godofredo Reyes Borromeo married Segundina Real and they had six children named Elwyn Real Borromeo Sr., Cynthia, Luigino, Ralph, Carlo and Glenn Anthony.
  6. Beatriz Reyes Borromeo married the Attorney Deogracias Pinili and they had four children named Baby, Socorro, Rosemarie and Arthur.

Children of Francisco Borromeo y Café and Francisca Cabañang Cinco Pileo (we know of offspring from nine of their eleven childen):

  1. Jaime Rosaleo Borromeo y Pileo married Sulpicia de Castro and they had eight children named named Adrian, Carlos, Maria Sofia, Linda, Emmanuel, Maria Auzencia, Aurora and Socorro.
  2. Epifanio Zacarias Borromeo y Pileo married Pacita Ardeña and they had seven children named Joseph Marvin, Leo, Nilo Antonio, Priscilla, Epifanio Jr., Romualdo and Camilo.
  3. Purita Borromeo y Pileo married Evaristo Siegue Cañada and they had one son named Marlon Borromeo Cañada.
  4. Maria Clara Borromeo y Pileo married Bernard Miña Serio and they had three children named Kathleen Mary, Melchior Anthony and Mario Bernard.
  5. Solomon Borromeo y Pileo married Julia Burgos and they had three children named Nathalia, Chivas Anton and Kent.
  6. Juan de Dios Borromeo y Pileo married Mary Fontelo and they had nine children named Grace, Edwin, Maria Lucia, Armando Justiniano, Raymond, Marissa, Froilan, Annabelle and Cipriano.
  7. Victoria Juana Borromeo y Pileo: single and no issue.
  8. Basilica Aurea Borromeo y Pileo married Teodoro Tirol and they had one daughter named Maria Teresa Borromeo Tirol.
  9. Victor Rufino Borromeo y Pileo married Anita Villegas and they had four children named Criselda, Brenda, Marcia and Jovic.
  10. Paulino Borromeo y Pileo married Apolonia Diago and they had eight children named Vivian, Rudolfo, Rolando, Dudette, Belarmino, Maria Jeanna, Ariston and Bruce.
  11. Josefa Eleuteria Borromeo y Pileo: single and no issue.

Children of Juan Borromeo y Café and Ramona Reyes:

  1. Alfredo Borromeo married Valentina Laboris Solis and they had ten children named Wendelino, Salud, Marlene, Donald, Alma, Rico, Nida, Arnold, Audie and Joselito.

Children of Ramon Borromeo y Café and Juvita Tiongson:

1.  Suela Tiongson Borromeo Sarrosa (married): 5 children named Antonio, Francisco, Ruben, Corazon and Gloria.

2.  Encarnacion Tiongson Borromeo Pagdato (married): 5 children named Marilyn (Sister Esther), Evelyn, Rudy, Helen and Gilbert.

3.  Dolores Tiongson Borromeo Asuncion (married): 5 children named Flossie, Lore, Dorotheo, Renan and Elmenia.

4.  Celso Tiongson Borromeo (married): 7 children named Judith, Teresita, Marivic, Ramon, Jess, Marilou and Celna.

5.  Carmelina Tiongson Borromeo Esguerra (married): 5 children named Luis, Josephine , Lyn, Sena and Ramonito.

Seventh Generation: Cebuano Line
1. Judge Andrés Borromeo y Reynes (November 10, 1880 – January 3, 1923): aged 42 years, and Anunciacion Bonjoc Rallos de Borromeo (March 25, 1885 – July 30, 1938): Aged 53 years:

Eighth Generation: Negros-Cebuano Line

Children of Restituto Borromeo:

  1. René Domingo Avila Borromeo married Rueta Paz Catacutan and they have five children named Shiela Fé, Maria Antonia, Maria Jean Joan, Shailini Cristy and Reneboy.
  2. Isabel Lulu Avila Borromeo married Graciano Baludoy Banogon, Jr. and they have four children named Isabelita Sybell, Gracianeneta Nanette, Heracleo Clay and Kathlyn Gingging Marie.
  3. Virginia Consessa Avila Borromeo married Ramon Centeño, Jr. and they have three children named Ramon Butch, Valerie Anne and Ralph Benedict Bong.
  4. Restituto Angelito Avila Borromeo Jr. married Fatima Tayco Magno and they have three children named Royce Casey, Maria Fritzie “Peachy” and Ryan Clyde.
  5. Grace Elena Avila Borromeo married Edward Banogon and they have two sons named Gary Michael and Chad Edward.
  6. Raul Eduardo Avila Borromeo married Alfia Baby Lopez and they have three children named Homer, Maria Angie and Maria Aileen.

Children of Efigenia Borromeo Espinas:

  1. Dennis Borromeo Espinas married Lorna Samson and they have three children named Dino, Tanya and Seb.

Children of Esperidion Borromeo Sr.:

  1. Esperidion Borromeo Jr. married Henretta Villacampa and they have four children named Bernard, Eva, Shiela and Benjamin.
  2. Joel Borromeo married Dr. Linda Antonio and they have two children named Yvette and Joel Borromeo II.
  3. Hector Borromeo married Coring Mira and they have one daughter named Belinda.

Children of Godofredo Borromeo:

  1. Elwyn Borromeo Sr. married Marlina Padillo and they have three children named Elwin Borromeo Jr., Tisha Marie and Siegfred.
  2. Luigino Borromeo married Joan Reyes and they have two sons named Luigi Borromeo and Louie Borromeo.
  3. Carlo Borromeo married Teresita Alcantara and they have two children named Daphne Marie and Carl.
  4. Glenn Anthony Borromeo married Jane Banogon and they have two daughters named Steffi Jane and Mary Antonette.

Children of Juan de Dios Borromeo y Pileo:

  1. Maria Lucia Borromeo married Gilbert Ben Steenson and they have two daughters named Vanessa Lucia and Shalene Rebecca.
  2. Grace Borromeo married Imbong and they have one daughter named May Anne.

Children of Basilica Aurea Borromeo y Pileo and Teodoro Tirol:

  1. Maria Teresa Borromeo Tirol married Eduardo Ramirez and they have four children named Rae Anthony, Roy Theodore, Regienna Marie and Ralph Eduard.

Children of Alfredo Borromeo:

  1. Wendelino Solis Borromeo: married and with four children named Josephine, Marylou, Noel and Salud
  2. Salud Solis Borromeo married to Adriano Suela and with eight children named Sheila, Cynthia, Elrey, Enna, Corazon, Sandy, Brenda and John
  3. Marlene Solis Borromeo married to Napoleon Gamalong, Sr. and with four children named Buena Flor, Mary Jane, Marie Fe and Napoleon Borromeo Gamalong, Jr.
  4. Donald Solis Borromeo: married and with three children
  1. Alma Solis Borromeo married Sazon and they have one son named Omar Borromeo Sazon.
  2. Rico Solis Borromeo married  and with three daughters named Chelo Borromeo, Marijune Borromeo and Chic Borromeo.
  3. Nida Solis Borromeo: married and with two children
  4. Arnold Solis Borromeo: married and with three children
  5. Audie Solis Borromeo: married and with eight children
  6. Joselito Solis Borromeo: married and with six children

Children of Suela Borromeo Sarrosa:

1.  Dr. Antonio Borromeo Sarrosa

2.  Engineer Francisco Borromeo Sarrosa

3.  Engineer Ruben Borromeo Sarrosa

4.  Pharmacist Corazon Borromeo Sarrosa married to a lawyer.

5.  Gloria Borromeo Sarrosa married to lawyer Isabelo Sanson.

Children of Encarnacion Borromeo Pagdato:

1.  Marilyn “Sister Esther” Borromeo Pagdato (Dominican Nun)

2.  Evelyn Borromeo Pagdato

3.  Rudy Borromeo Pagdato

4.  Helen Borromeo Pagdato

5.  Gilbert Borromeo Pagdato

Children of Dolores Borromeo Asuncion:

1.  Flossie Borromeo Asuncion married to Mr. Peter Abrigo

2.  Lore Borromeo Asuncion married to Dr. Bernardo

3.  Industrial Engineer Dorotheo Borromeo Asuncion

4.  Renan Borromeo Asuncion

5.  Accountant Elmenia Borromeo Asuncion

Children of Celso Borromeo:

1.  Nurse Judith Borromeo Cozzi (married)

2.  Nurse Teresita Borromeo Diamante (married)

3.  Nurse Marivic Borromeo Gregorio (married)

4.  Realtor Ramon Borromeo

5.  Engineer Jess Borromeo

6.  Medical Technician Marilou Borromeo

7.  Accountant Celna Borromeo married to Attorney Gonzalo Guillen

Children of Carmila Borromeo Esguerra:

1.  Luis Borromeo Esguerra

2.  Josephine Borromeo Esguerra Salva (married)

3.  Lyn Borromeo Esguerra Gonzales (married)

4.  Sena Borromeo Esguerra Garde (married)

5.  Ramonito Borromeo Esguerra

Eighth Generation: Cebuano Line
1. Andrés Buenaventura Rallos Borromeo Jr. (July 14, 1904 – May 3, 1948) and Marie Morrow Paterno (1909 – 1979):

Ninth Generation: Negros-Cebuano Line

Children of René Borromeo Sr.:

  1. Shiela Fé Paz Borromeo married Jong Galendez and they have three children named Junel, Kate and Ashley.
  2. Maria Jean Joan Paz Borromeo married Eduardo Sibala and they have four children named Natasha Roan, Sheena Yoko, Lucia Stephanie and Edward Sibala Jr.
  3. Shailini Cristy Paz Borromeo married Pepito Oracion and they have two daughters named Donna Jane René and Fern Ann.
  4. René Paz Borromeo, Jr. married Maymay: no issue.

Children of Isabel Borromeo Banogon:

  1. Sybel Borromeo Banogon married Edjun and they have two daughters named Sophia Marie and Elisha Maxine.
  2. Racleo Borromeo Banogon married Cristina Carbonell: no issue.
  3. Kathlyn Marie Borromeo Banogon married Noel Agner and they have one daughter named Biana Isabel.

Children of Virginia Borromeo Centeño:

  1. Valerie Borromeo Centeño married Barry and they have one son named Christopher Kyle.
  2. Bong Borromeo Centeño married Cherry and they have one daughter named Sophia Isabel.

Children of Joel Borromeo:

  1. Joel Antonio Borromeo II married Venus and they have one son named Joel Antonio Borromeo III.

Children of Hector Borromeo:

  1. Belinda Mira Borromeo married Attorney Joefrey Villahermosa and they have three children named Jelo, Vince and Pauline.

Children of Elwyn Borromeo:

  1. Elwyn Padillo Borromeo Jr. married Kring Cuizon.
  2. Tisha Marie Padillo Borromeo married Rein Catabay and they have one daughter named Justin.
  3. Siegfred (single).

Children of Marlene Solis Borromeo and Napoleon Gamalong, Sr.:

  1. Buena Flor Borromeo Gamalong: married and with three children Paulo Bienn, Viene Julienn and Venice Jann (January 2018).
  2. Mary Jane Borromeo Gamalong-Manalac: married and with three children Angela Camille, Abigail Marie and Ashley
  3. Marie Fe Borromeo Gamalong: married and with six children Ian van Darmic, Ivy Faye Diane, Ciandi Marie, Ansel Jeff, Edmond Jeff and Mareon Jeff
  4. Napoleon Borromeo Gamalong, Jr.: married and with three children Giovanni Marc, Trisha Gwynne and Brandon

Children of Rico Solis Borromeo:

  1. Chelo Borromeo is married to Mark Ozoa and they have one daughter named Samantha Katrina Borromeo Ozoa.
  2. Marijune Borromeo is married to Paul Ponce de Leon Hidalgo and they have one son named Joshua Paul Borromeo Hidalgo.

Ninth Generation: Cebuano Line
1. Edmond Morrow Borromeo (June 2, 1942 – August 25, 1995) and Leila Ang-Angco Paras (born June 29, 1938; 1st Marriage):

Tenth Generation
1. Edmond Gerard Paras Borromeo (March 29, 1968) and Josephine Nucom To (July 10, 1968): one daughter
2. Eileen Marie Paras Borromeo (April 7, 1970) and William Everitt Fulcher:

Eleventh Generation
1. Elyse Kelsey Borromeo Fulcher (October 8, 1993)
2. Luke

3. Emma

Ninth Generation
1. Edmond Morrow Borromeo (June 2, 1942 – August 25, 1995) and Evelyn Gonzaga (born July 31, 1951; 2nd Marriage):

Evelyn Gonzaga Borromeo married Kevin Anthony Cruz (born 1959) in 2002.

Tenth Generation
3. Diona Gonzaga Borromeo married to Steve Killgore and with two children named Nicholas Steven Killgore and Alexis Lenah Killgore.
4. Charles Edmond Gonzaga Borromeo (February 2, 1978)
5. Clint Edward Gonzaga Borromeo (February 9, 1981): married to Crystal Hemmerling and with two children named Aaliyah Mariee Hemmerling Borromeo and Christian Edward Hemmerling Borromeo.

Eighth Generation
2. Buenaventura Rallos Borromeo (July 14, 1904 – July 14, 1904): no issue.
3. Sister Rosario Rallos Borromeo (“Sister Marie Andrés” of the ICM; November 8, 1905 – October 16, 1988)
4. Sister Luz Caricia Rallos Borromeo (“Sister Marie Anunciacion” of the ICM; May 6, 1908 – October 19,1983)
5. Fe Antonieta Margarita Rallos Borromeo (June 1912 – April 2006) and Agripino Galo Querouz (1905 – 1973):

Ninth Generation
1. Marylynn Benjamina Borromeo Querouz (1943) and Joseph Delano:

Tenth Generation
1. Joseph Ken Querouz Delano (1976)

Ninth Generation
2 and 3. Stillborn Twins (1944)
4. Achilles Andrés Abdon Borromeo Querouz (July 30, 1945) and Paulita Bonghanoy (January 26, 1950):

Tenth Generation
1. Achilles Andrew Angelo Bonghanoy Querouz (June 9, 1971 – January 30, 2013) and Alma Grande:

Eleventh Generation
1. Ina Gabrielle “Naina” Grande Querouz (1995)
2. Andrew Pardillo Querouz (1999)

Tenth Generation
2. Achilles Andrés Aldous Bonghanoy Querouz (May 5, 1975) and Charmaine Espiritu (December 30)

Eleventh Generation

1. Isabella Sydney Espiritu Querouz (December 30, 2008)

Tenth Generation
3. Faye Pauleen Bonghanoy Querouz (October 29, 1977)

4. April Estrada Querouz (April 1)

5. Achelle-Liza “Bing Bing” Estrada Querouz (March 19)

6. Abigail Estrada Querouz

Ninth Generation
4. Fe Angelique Borromeo Querouz (1947) and Aurelius Lagan, Jr.:

Tenth Generation
1. Marcus Aurelius Querouz Lagan (1984): married.

Eleventh Generation

1. Aureli Querouz (March 12, 2014)

Ninth Generation
5. Andrés Filomeno Borromeo Querouz (1950) and Susan Baldoza:

Tenth Generation

  1. Andrés Baldoza Querouz
    2. Rosalia Baldoza Querouz (1977)
    3. Maria Isadora Baldoza Querouz (1979)
    4. Francis Baldoza Querouz (1990)

Eighth Generation
6. Jesus Edmundo Rallos Borromeo (1917 – 1919): no issue.
7. Maria Benita Rallos Borromeo (March 1919 – February 2006) Lieutenant Colonel Leonil Torralba Atega (July 1, 1918 – January 14, 1995):

Ninth Generation
1. Maria Anunciacion Victoria Borromeo Atega (July 21, 1947)
2. Dorothea Socorro Natividad Borromeo Atega (September 3, 1951) and Vicente Sabarre Tan (1949):

Tenth Generation
1. Maria Christina Paula Atega Tan (1978) and Wyno Ugang:

Eleventh Generation
1. Wynne Paolo Tan Ugang
2. Angelica Tan Ugang

Tenth Generation
3. Matthew Atega Tan (1983) married to Kristine Bitong Minzero: one daughter

Eleventh Generation

1. Denise Sophia Minzero Tan (born September 23, 2012)

Ninth Generation
3. Vicente Francisco José Borromeo Atega (June 4, 1953) and Angelie Alice Rivera Ynclino (1954)

Eighth Generation
8. Hermenegilda Amor Victoria Rallos Borromeo (May 31, 1922 – August 26, 2015) and Wilfried Erich Rudolph Nonnenkamp:

Ninth Generation
1. Marc Evan Borromeo Nonnenkamp (born June 15, 1962; author of this Genealogy with much information from Angelita Cabrera Borromeo)

Seventh Generation
2. José Ubaldo Borromeo y Reynes (October 21, 1881 – May 8, 1949), aged 67 years, and Remedios Rodriga de Borromeo (December 27, 1891 – September 25, 1935): aged 43 years:

Eighth Generation
1. Josefa Rodriga Borromeo and Nicolas Castaneda Capistrano:

Ninth Generation
1. Remedios Borromeo Capistrano (1935) and Christos Dovas:

Tenth Generation
1. Lara Capistrano Dovas (1969): married.
2. Tom Capistrano Dovas
3. Peter Capistrano Dovas

Ninth Generation
2. Mario Borromeo Capistrano (1938) and Elsie Musni:

Tenth Generation
1. Joseph Nicolas Musni Capistrano (1979)
2. Mario Musni Capistrano, Jr. (1981) married to Rachel Apostol-Capistrano

Eleventh Generation

1. Marion Alexa “Max” Capistrano (born November 11, 2012)

Tenth Generation
3. Marielle Cecille Musni Capistrano (1983)
4. Maria Theresa Musni Capistrano
5. Martin José Musni Capistrano

6. Maria Christina Victoria Musni Capistrano

7. Marcus Antonio Maria Musni Capistrano

8. Marinella Isabella Musni Capistrano

Seventh Generation
3. Matilde Borromeo y Reynes (March 14, 1883 – August 4,1946), aged 63 years: no issue.

Seventh Generation
4. Dr. Maximo Borromeo y Reynes (August 29, 1887 – July 31, 1948), aged 60 years, and Johanne Hofer de Borromeo (1912 – 1972):

Eighth Generation
1. Carolina Mercado Borromeo (November 4, 1917 – December 28, 2015) and Leandro Ocampo (1914-1977):

Ninth Generation
1. Ramon Mercado Ocampo (1942-1979) and Angeles Agrujo:

Tenth Generation
1. Pauline Agrujo Ocampo and Doctor John Wong: 3 children.
2. Maribel Agrujo Ocampo and Roly Paterno

Eleventh Generation
1. Beatriz Ocampo Paterno
2. Geo Ocampo Paterno

Tenth Generation
3. Anne Agrujo Ocampo
4. Reynaldo Agrujo Ocampo

Ninth Generation
2. Andres Leandro Mercado Ocampo (1944-deceased) and Carmen Polive

Tenth Generation
1. Michael Polive Ocampo
2. Gualberto Polive Ocampo
3. Virgil Polive Ocampo

Ninth Generation
3. Judith Mercado Ocampo (1946) and Alberto M. Soriano (1940-2014):

Tenth Generation
1. Joseph Ocampo Soriano (1969)
2. Maria Isabel Ocampo Soriano (1970)
3. Maria Christina Ocampo Soriano (1972)
4. Robert Ocampo Soriano (1974)

Eighth Generation
2. Sophie Gossinitser Borromeo: no issue.
3. Johnny Cairo Borromeo: 3 children.

Seventh Generation
5. Exequiel Borromeo y Reynes (April 10, 1889 – December 29, 1949), aged 60 years, and Josefa Neri de Borromeo (March 11, 1892 – September 10, 1974): aged 82 years:

Eighth Generation
1. Dr. Venustiano Heraclio José Neri Borromeo, Sr. and Ester Valencia (February 14, 1920 – June 23, 1953; first marriage):

Ninth Generation
1. Victor Valencia Borromeo
2. Carmelo “Bimbo” Valencia Borromeo and Mally Barrica

Tenth Generation
1. Chantal Barrica Borromeo married to Eric Boeckman
2. Christine Barrica Borromeo
3. Charity Barrica Borromeo

Ninth Generation
3. Anna Marie Valencia Borromeo

Eighth Generation
1. Dr. Venustiano Heraclio José Neri Borromeo, Sr. and Leonarda Estelle Samsel (second marriage):

Ninth Generation

4. Alexander Joseph Samsel Borromeo (born in 1958)
5. Venustiano Heraclio José Samsel Borromeo, Jr. (born in 1959)
6. Paul Vincent Samsel Borromeo (born in 1963)
7. Kara Nicole Samsel Borromeo

Eighth Generation
2. Flora Neri Borromeo and Pio Roa: no issue.
3. Dr. José Cecilio Neri Borromeo and wife: six children who in turn had 23 children who in turn had 5 children.

Eighth Generation
4. Mario Odon Neri Borromeo: no issue.
5. Mario Francisco Neri Borromeo (1922-2002) and Carolina Borromeo (1921-2010): twelve children who in turn had 13 children.

Eighth Generation
6. Deutelino Neri Borromeo (1929 – 1993): no issue
7. Carmen Neri Borromeo and Gregorio Fuentes Mercado (1926-1986): 4 children (Josefa, Antonio, Dennis Benedict and Irene Monica)

Ninth Generation
1. Josefa Jocelyn Borromeo Mercado married to Leopoldo Dizon, 2 children

Tenth Generation

1. Floren Gregory Mercado Dizon

2. Carmiel Mercado Dizon

Ninth Generation
2. Dr. Antonio Borromeo Mercado married to Marilee Olegario, 3 children

Tenth Generation

1. Carmel Loise Olegario Mercado

2. Marie Ann Olegario Mercado

3. Marie Tonica Olegario Mercado

Ninth Generation
3. Dennis Benedict Borromeo Mercado married to Ruby Dabon, 3 children

Tenth Generation

1. Dennis Benedict Dabon Mercado, Jr.

2. Alyssa Angeline Dabon Mercado

3. Joshua Gregory Dabon Mercado

Ninth Generation
4. Irene Monica Borromeo Mercado married to Ferdie Pabatao, 1 child

Tenth Generation

1. Therese Isabelle Mercado Pabatao

Seventh Generation
6. Canuto Octavio Borromeo y Reynes (January 19, 1891 – December 31, 1959), aged 68 years, and Pilar Noel de Borromeo (May 19, 1897 – June 12, 1977): aged 80 years.

Eighth Generation
1. Maria Soledad Noel Borromeo (1923-2011) and Cecilio Putong

Ninth Generation
1. Maria Cecelia Borromeo Putong and Richard Hermann

Tenth Generation
1. José Miguel Putong Hermann

Eighth Generation
2. Federico Noel Borromeo (1926) and Josefina Vasquez (died February 10, 2014):

Ninth Generation
1. Gerardo A. Vasquez Borromeo (1959) and Ines Prieto

Tenth Generation
1. Sophia Prieto Borromeo
2. Andres Prieto Borromeo
3. Carlos Prieto Borromeo
4. Ines Prieto Borromeo

Ninth Generation
2. Ana Maria Vasquez Borromeo (1963)

Eighth Generation
3. José Noel Borromeo: no issue.
4. Consuelo Noel Borromeo and Ernesto Morales:

Ninth Generation
1. Alfonso “Sitos” Borromeo Morales married to Elvira Pavericio: one daughter

Tenth Generation

1. Thea Pavericio Morales (born December 4, 2011)

Ninth Generation
2. Maria Lourdes Borromeo Morales (deceased 1993) and José Maria Borromeo Cancio

Tenth Generation

1. Patricia Morales Cancio

Ninth Generation
3. Maria Asuncion Borromeo Morales and Ding Cajulis

Tenth Generation
1. Isabel Morales Cajulis
2. Cristina Morales Cajulis

Ninth Generation
4. Jose Maria Borromeo Morales
5. Luis Maria Ernesto Borromeo Morales and wife Monica

Eighth Generation
5. Canuto Noel Borromeo (February 14, 1935 – March 20, 1977) and Barbara Anne Scher Harvey

Ninth Generation
1. Bernadette Marie Harvey Borromeo and Eduardo Borromeo Gallego (4th degree cousins)

Tenth Generation
1. Mirella Isabel Borromeo Gallego
2. Eduardo Martin Borromeo Gallego

Ninth Generation
2. Marie Pilar Harvey Borromeo and Eduardo Martinez Miranda

Tenth Generation
1. Cecilia Angela Borromeo Miranda
2. Sebastian Borromeo Miranda
3. Ainara Borromeo Miranda
4. Paloma Borromeo Miranda

Ninth Generation
3. Angela Maria Harvey Borromeo and Hector Almario

Tenth Generation
1. Angela Pilar Borromeo Almario
2. Lorenzo Javier Borromeo Almario

Ninth Generation
4. Susanna Marie Harvey Borromeo and Timothy Milne

Tenth Generation
1. Margarita Pilar Borromeo Milne

Ninth Generation
5. Christina Marie Harvey Borromeo and José Maria D. Gaston (José is a direct descendant of Yves Leopold Germain Gaston, a Frenchman who settled on Negros in 1840.  He left his native Normandy for Mauritius, where he learned the rudiments of the then-young sugar industry.  He emigrated to the Philippines at the age of 30, and initially worked as a foreman on a Spanish-owned estate in the province of Batangas on Luzon.  He then settled on Negros and married a local Spanish lady).

Tenth Generation
1. Marianna Ines Borromeo Gaston
2. José Maria Canuto Borromeo Gaston
3. Enrique Miguel Borromeo Gaston

4. Sabina Teresa Borromeo Gaston

Ninth Generation
6. Canuto Benjamin Francisco Harvey Borromeo III (“Benji”) and Maria Tomei

Tenth Generation

1. Thalia Tomei Borromeo

Seventh Generation
7. Venustiano Borromeo y Reynes (1891-1891): no issue.
Seventh Generation 8. Patrocinio Borromeo y Herrera (November 13, 1892 – August 5, 1984), aged 91 years, and José Uy Herrera (son of the Chinese Nationalist Consul General of Cebu City):

Eighth Generation
1. Helene Borromeo Herrera and Constantino C. Navarro (Congressman from Surigao Province)

Ninth Generation
1. Constantino Herrera Navarro (late former Mayor of Surigao City) and Guia Antionette Legaspi Navarro: 4 Children

Tenth Generation

1. Constantino Legaspi Navarro III married to Grace Annabelle Such Navarro: 4 children

Eleventh Generation

1. Audrynne Castles Such Navarro

2. Cesar Constantino Such Navarro V

3. Cedric Constantine Such Navarro

4. Nelly Felyz Such Navarro

Tenth Generation

2. Elizabeth Navarro Arguelles married to Augusto Arguelles: 2 children

Eleventh Generation

1. Aliza Lianne Navarro Arguelles

2. Maria Aira Kharizza Navarro

Tenth Generation

3. Edward Vincent Legaspi Navarro married to Malaika Elena Navarro: 1 child

Eleventh Generation

1.Yaggy Eunice Navarro

Tenth Generation

4. Maria Helena Navarro Okol married to Miko Okol: 6 children

Eleventh Generation

1. Cyrene Alexis Navarro Okol

2. Sarah Nikolai Navarro Okol

3. Ryanne Antoinette Navarro Okol

4. Michele Angela Navarro Okol

5. Marie Ernestine Navarro Okol

6. Megan Navarro Okol

Ninth Generation
2. Marlene Herrera Navarro and Gil Garcia Moreno

Tenth Generation
1. Maria Margarita Gillene Navarro Moreno
2. Maria Rosario Helena Navarro Moreno

3. Gil Maria Gerardo Navarro Moreno

Ninth Generation
3. Conshele Herrera Navarro and Dr. Antonio Garcia: 2 children.

Tenth Generation
1. Carmel Navarro Garcia

Ninth Generation
4. Rora Herrera Navarro (retired former Philippine Ambassador to France, Thailand and Australia) and Abelardo Tolentino: 3 children.

Tenth Generation

1. Kara Alexandra Navarro Tolentino and first husband Louie Talan:

Eleventh Generation

1. Joaquin Luis Tolentino Talan

Tenth Generation

1. Kara Alexandra Navarro Tolentino and second husband Virgil Prieto:

Eleventh Generation

2. Rocio Ines Tolentino Prieto

3. Paloma Lucia Tolentino Prieto

Tenth Generation

2. Farah Karmela Navarro Tolentino and Eric Ylagan

Eleventh Generation

1. Mia Lara Celine Tolentino Ylagan

2. Cristiana Emmanuelle Tolentino Ylagan

Tenth Generation

3. Abelardo Constantino Navarro Tolentino

Ninth Generation
5. Antonio Herrera Navarro: no issue

Eighth Generation
2. Milagros Borromeo Herrera and Alfredo B. Cañares

Ninth Generation
1. Eduardo Herrera Cañares (December 17, 1952-August 28, 2002): married to Hendina Lopez Cui (January 21, 1950-December 6, 1998), 4 sons:

Tenth Generation

1. Jonathan Cui Cañares (June 16, 1972) married to Zeny Billiones Gabunada

Eleventh Generation

1. Sheila Mae Gabunada Cañares (May 10, 1993)

Tenth Generation

2. Stephen Cui Cañares (September 29, 1975) married to Janine Batobalonos Cañoneo

Eleventh Generation

1. Jannie Thea Cañoneo Cañares (May 26, 1998)

2. Steven Marc Cañoneo Cañares (January 17, 2001)

Tenth Generation

3. Emmanuel Cui Cañares (December 7, 1976)

4. Donald Cui Cañares (December 7, 1976) married to Chandel Isidro Ramos

Eleventh Generation

1. Don Lorenz Ramos Cañares (June 7, 2003)

Eighth Generation
3. Jesus Borromeo Herrera: no issue.
4. Eterio Borromeo Herrera Sr. and Marina Teves Herrera McCarthy (died December 26, 2009):

Ninth Generation
1. May Teves Herrera and Adam Brand
2. Evangeline Teves Herrera and Horacio Palou Borromeo (4th degree cousins)

Tenth Generation
1. Michael Brian Herrera Borromeo

Ninth Generation
3. Meneleo Teves Herrera and Milagros Sendo

Tenth Generation
1. Marlon Sendo Herrera
2. Mark Sendo Herrera
3. Melissa Sendo M. Herrera

Ninth Generation
4. Laurente Teves Herrera and Evangeline Lucino

Tenth Generation
1. Osline Lucino Herrera
2. Maria Josephine Lucino Herrera (born May 11, 1984) married to John-Christopher Guerra (born August 7, 1982): 2 children.

Eleventh Generation

1. Jeremy Christian Herrera Guerra (born January 20, 2011)

2. Jasmine Mariella Herrera Guerra (born May 26, 2012)

Tenth Generation
3. James John Lucino Herrera
4. Andrew Lucino Herrera

Ninth Generation
5. Eterio “Terry” Teves Herrera and Myrthel Brandes Herrera

Tenth Generation
1. Jerrold Brandes Herrera
2. James Allen Brandes Herrera
3. Nicholus “Nikki” Brandes Herrera

Eighth Generation
5. Lisinio “Nene” Borromeo Herrera (died February 26, 2012) and Tetang del Rio: eight children.

Ninth Generation
1. Ernesto del Rio Borromeo Herrera
2. Marie Angeline del Rio Borromeo Herrera: married, 1 married child (Tenth Generation).
3. Marie Susan del Rio Borromeo Herrera
4. Marie Asuncion del Rio Borromeo Herrera
5. Anthony del Rio Borromeo Herrera
6. Catherine “Cat” del Rio Borromeo Herrera
7. Rosemarie del Rio Borromeo Herrera
8. Gerardo Ronnie del Rio Borromeo Herrera

Eighth Generation
6. Dr. Rodolfo Borromeo Herrera (1928) and Monina Garcia Herbosa (Granddaughter of José Rizal)

Ninth Generation
1. Ana Marie Herbosa Herrera (1969) married to Anton Huang
2. Robertino Herbosa Herrera (1970) married to Maria Clavele “Maia” Martinez
3. Margarita Herbosa Herrera (1972) married to Michael Brady: two children.

Tenth Generation

1. Jamie Herrera Brady

2. Justin Herrera Brady

Eighth Generation
7. Caridad Borromeo Herrera (1929) and John Harriett Suchman (October 5, 1932):

Ninth Generation
1. Rachel Herrera Suchman (1966) and Ernest Csak

Tenth Generation
1. Veronica Marie Suchman Csak
2. Natalie Rose Suchman Csak
3. Gregory Suchman Csak

Ninth Generation
2. Deborah Herrera Suchman (1968) and George Zeolla

Tenth Generation
1. Paolo Alessandro Suchman Zeolla
2. Luca Pietro Suchman Zeolla

Seventh Generation
9. Salud Borromeo y Reynes (September 7, 1898 – November 30, 1969): Aged 71 years. Note: this is the conclusion of the Reynes de Borromeo Line.

Sixth Generation
3. Julian Borromeo y Galan (1849): no issue.
4. Florentina Borromeo y Galan (1851): no issue.
5. Aniceta Borromeo y Galan (1853) and Francisco Ocampo (1848)

Seventh Generation
1. Aurora Ocampo y Borromeo (1873): no issue

Sixth Generation
6. Pantaleon Borromeo y Galan (1855) and Remigia Pulaire de Borromeo (1860)

Seventh Generation
1. Ismaela Borromeo y Pulaire (1885) married to Escolastico Morre

Eighth Generation
1. Lilia Borromeo Morre and Teopisto Tabotabo

Ninth Generation
1. Dr. Armando Morre Tabotabo
2. Merardo Morre Tabotabo
3. Cesar Morre Tabotabo
4. Lorena Morre Tabotabo
5. Evelyn Morre Tabotabo

Eighth Generation
2. Patricia Borromeo Morre and Husband

Ninth Generation
1. Napoleon Morre Ranario
2. Alexander Morre Ranario
3. Maria Ofelia Morre Ranario
4. Chester Morre Ranario
5. Marian Morre Ranario

Eighth Generation
3. Aurora Borromeo Morre married to Manuel Infante Borromeo: two children

Ninth Generation
1. Norma Morre Borromeo (deceased January 9, 2008) married to Dionisio Guevarra Venzon, Jr.

Tenth Generation

1. Jennifer Borromeo Venzon married to Elmer Enerio Aque

Eleventh Generation

1. Edman Josh Venzon Aque

2. Beatriz Faith Venzon Aque

Tenth Generation

2. Dionisio Borromeo Venzon III married to Princess Abrigo Austria

Eleventh Generation

1. Harold Efrain Austria Venzon

2. Thomas Harvey Austria Venzon

3. Norman Hill Austria Venzon

Tenth Generation

3. Mary Ann Borromeo Venzon married to Vergel Elacion Misola

Eleventh Generation

1. Jazmine Aubrey Venzon Misola
Ninth Generation

2. Josephine Morre Borromeo (deceased) married to Leonardo Palicte III

Tenth Generation

1. Leo Jamal Borromeo Palicte

2. Joshua Borromeo Palicte

3. Jessamine Faith Borromeo Palicte

Eighth Generation
4. Rosario Borromeo Morre and Alfredo Gatchalian, Sr.

Ninth Generation
1. Rodolfo Morre Gatchalian
2. Alfredo Morre Gatchalian Jr.

Eighth Generation
5. Isagani Borromeo Morre: no issue.
6. Lamberto Borromeo Morre: no issue.
7. Floro Borromeo Morre: no issue.

Seventh Generation
2. Crispin Borromeo y Pulaire (1891-1972) and wife Petra Ozaraga de Borromeo (1900-1994)

Eighth Generation
Jose Ozaraga Borromeo (1938-2013) – Only child and wife Sela Quijano de Borromeo (1939)
Ninth Generation
1. Joesel Quijano Borromeo (1960) and wife Cyd Therese Acosta de Borromeo (1965)
Tenth Generation
1. Jo Trescha Acosta Borromeo (1992)
2. Selcy Mae Acosta Borromeo (1993)
Ninth Generation
2. Martonette Quijano Borromeo (1962)
3. Marjoe Anthony Quijano Borromeo (1967) and wife Maria Stella Tonggao de Borromeo (1969)
Tenth Generation
1. Steony Tonggao Borromeo (1992)
2. Marjoe Anthony Tonggao Borromeo II (1993)

Eighth Generation
1. Agapito Borromeo: no issue.

Seventh Generation
3. Teofilo Borromeo y Pulaire (1889) and Remedios Cuenco de Borromeo (1894)

Eighth Generation
1. Jose Cuenco Borromeo and Filomena Rusiana de Borromeo

Ninth Generation
1. Rosario Rusiana Borromeo married to Melvin Gonzaga

Tenth Generation

  1. Maria Christina Borromeo Gonzaga married to Hamilton
  2. Rommel Borromeo Gonzaga

Ninth Generation
2. Victor Emmanuel Rusiana Borromeo, Sr. married to Araneta

Tenth Generation

  1. Maria Emmalyn Araneta Borromeo married to Romy Boquilla

Eleventh Generation

  1. Romy Borromeo Boquilla, Jr.
  2. Raehna Elexis Borromeo Boquilla

Tenth Generation

  1. Emmanuelle Remie Borromeo married to Barcelona

Eleventh Generation

  1. Adrian Borromeo Barcelona

Ninth Generation
3. Fatima Rusiana Borromeo married to Noli Tindoc
4. Grace Rusiana Borromeo married to Vic Cruz

Tenth Generation

  1. Jennifer Borromeo Cruz married to Kevin Dougherty
  2. Elizabeth Borromeo Cruz

Ninth Generation
5. Angelica Rusiana Borromeo divorced from Wrobel

Tenth Generation

  1. Andrew Borromeo Wrobel

Sixth Generation
6. Pantaleon Borromeo y Galan (1855) and Francisca Good de Borromeo (1870): 2nd marriage.

Seventh Generation
1. Francisco Borromeo y Good (1895) and Husband

Eighth Generation
1. Teobaldo Borromeo: no issue.

Seventh Generation
2. Patricio Borromeo y Good (1897): married.

Eighth Generation
1. Ananias Borromeo and wife Eleuteria Mendoza-Borromeo:

Ninth Generation

1. Antonio Mendoza Borromeo and wife Raquel:

Tenth Generation

1. Tonyquiel Borromeo

2. Antonet Borromeo

Ninth Generation

2. Wilfredo Mendoza Borromeo and wife Marisa:

Tenth Generation

1. Wilnor Borromeo-Giles (resides in Houston, Texas)

2. Wilma Borromeo

3. Fredymar Borromeo

4. Maricris Borromeo

5. Wilfredo Borromeo, Jr.

6. Warly Borromeo

7. Jovie Borromeo

8. Lanie Borromeo

Ninth Generation

3. Jennifer Mendoza Borromeo and husband Ismael Cano:

Tenth Generation

1. Marian Celeste Borromeo Cano-Ticsay:

Eleventh Generation

1. Chelsea Ann Shanice Cano-Ticsay

2. Christien Kyle Cano-Ticsay

3. Chadrick Rawnsley Cano-Ticsay

4. Najla Kirsten Cano-Ticsay

Tenth Generation

2. Marie Stella Borromeo Cano

3. Melvin Borromeo Cano and wife Ruth Malabanan:

Eleventh Generation

1. Dustyn Kurt Malabanan Cano

Ninth Generation

4. Rory Yul Mendoza Borromeo and wife Grace Garcia:

Tenth Generation

1. Diorelle Concepcion Garcia Borromeo and husband Faustino Salvan

2. Ryal Grae Garcia Borromeo

Ninth Generation

5. Joni Mendoza Borromeo-Menosa and husband:

Tenth Generation

1. Kirsten May Borromeo Menosa

Ninth Generation

6. Judith Mendoza Borromeo-Calabocal and husband Pedro Calabocal, Sr:

Tenth Generation

1. Pedro Borromeo Calabocal, Jr.

2. Patricia Nichole Borromeo Calabocal

3. Patrick Borromeo Calabocal

Ninth Generation

7. Jacqueline Mendoza Borromeo:

Tenth Generation

1. Rachel Borromeo and husband Rocky Villanueva:

Eleventh Generation

1. Grace Borromeo Villanueva

Tenth Generation

2. Ralph Borromeo

Ninth Generation

8. Joan Mendoza Borromeo and husband Cliff Grant (residing in California):

Tenth Generation

1. Brandon Borromeo Grant

2. Tyler Borromeo Grant

3. Lailanie Borromeo Grant

Ninth Generation

9. Jocelyn Mendoza Borromeo:

Tenth Generation

1. Jerel Borromeo

2. Jekrey Borromeo

3. Mia Borromeo

Ninth Generation

10. Victor Mendoza Borromeo and wife Joan:

Tenth Generation

1. Nina Gavrieljh Borromeo

2. Vien Carlo Borromeo

3. Tyron Troy Borromeo

4. Wyeth Ken Borromeo

5. John Victor Borromeo

Eighth Generation
2. Basilia Borromeo: no issue.

Sixth Generation
7. Cosme Borromeo y Galan (1857) and Petronila Guerrero de Borromeo (1862)

Seventh Generation
1. Marcial Borromeo y Guerrero (1883) and Rosario Cabrera de Borromeo (1888): Marcial created the first extensive Borromeo genealogy in the Philippines before World War Two, linking the Borromeo clans of Cebu, Negros, Panay and Cavite (Luzon).  This document was lost or destroyed during the Second World War.

Eighth Generation
1. Cosme Borromeo (born in 1909) and Corazon Borromeo: 2 children who in turn had 5 children who in turn had 8 children, who in turn had one child.

Eighth Generation
2. Tomas Luis Cabrera Borromeo (born in 1910) and Carmen Fargas Barredo (August 28, 1912 – 1997):

Ninth Generation
1. Maria Pilar Barredo Borromeo (October 12, 1938) and Carl Garmsen:

Tenth Generation
1. Patricia Borromeo Garmsen (1967): married, three children.
2. Carl Borromeo Garmsen

Ninth Generation
2. Gabriela Maria Cristina Barredo Borromeo (1939) and Silverio Berenguer; 3 children.

Tenth Generation
1. Tomas “Tom” Borromeo Berenguer married to Bernice Gamboa: 1 son.

Eleventh Generation

1. Isabella Marie Gamboa Berenguer

Tenth Generation

2. Ramon Borromeo Berenguer
3. Maria Elena Borromeo Berenguer: married.

Ninth Generation
3. Maria Juliana Irene Barredo Borromeo (1941) and Marcos Aragon Sr. (first husband):

Tenth Generation
1. Maria Del Carmen Borromeo Aragon (1962) and Jaime Andrada
2. Ana Maria Milagros Borromeo Aragon (1963) and Poncy Quirino

Eleventh Generation
1. Justin Aragon Quirino
2. Miguel Aragon Quirino

Tenth Generation
3. Maria Delos Angeles Borromeo Aragon (1964) and Peanuts Agcaoili

Eleventh Generation
1. Nicole Aragon Agcaoili
2. Francine Aragon Agcaoili

Tenth Generation
4. Marcos Borromeo Aragon (1966) and Wife Joanne: 2 sons and 2 daughters
5. Francisco Borromeo Aragon (1968) and Wife: 1 daughter

Ninth Generation
3. Maria Juliana Irene Barredo Borromeo (1941) and David Roche (second husband):

Tenth Generation
6. Valerie Borromeo Roche-Ungaro (1980) and Guillano Ungaro

Ninth Generation
4. Maria Rosa Redenta Barredo Borromeo (1942) and Hans Peter Rieth:

Tenth Generation
1. Julius Anthony “Jaky” Khali Borromeo Rieth (1967) married to Karen Grace De Leon

Eleventh Generation

  1. Cassandra Elise De Leon Rieth (born June 2, 2016)

Ninth Generation
5. José Vito Miguel Francisco Barredo Borromeo (1943) and Mary Anne Luis Borromeo (died on June 19, 2013):

Tenth Generation
1. José Vito Nicholas Borromeo, Jr. and Maria Victoria Ortigas

Eleventh Generation
1. Arianna Ortigas Borromeo
2. Francisco Ortigas Borromeo

3. Anna Mireya Ortigas Borromeo

Tenth Generation
2. Ricardo Borromeo
3. Alexander Borromeo
4. Ana Marie Borromeo

Ninth Generation
6. Marcial “Lito” Alfonso Barredo Borromeo (1949-February 11, 2014) : no issue.
7. Maria Cecilia Felicitas Barredo Borromeo (1950) and Servais Lutz

Tenth Generation
1. Marie Madelen Borromeo Lutz and Husband Tomas: 2 sons
2. Paul-Alexandre Borromeo Lutz married to Sabrina Vicente: one son

Eleventh Generation

1. Micah Vicente Lutz

Tenth Generation
3. Charles André Borromeo Lutz
4. Jean Philippe Borromeo Lutz

Ninth Generation
8. Tomas Clemente Barredo Borromeo (1951) and Gina Berkenkotter:

Tenth Generation
1. Joseph Berkenkotter Borromeo

Ninth Generation
9. Miguel Angelo Valentino Barredo Borromeo (born February 14, 1954) and wife Maria Corazon Manal Borromeo (born August 25, 1951 and died September 28, 2009):

Tenth Generation
1. Karen Kate Manal Borromeo

Ninth Generation
10. Maria Victoria Paz Barredo Borromeo (1959) and Jose Sanchez Jr:

Tenth Generation
1. Rafael Borromeo Sanchez
2. Maria Cristina Borromeo Sanchez

Eighth Generation
3. Angelita Cabrera Borromeo (born on August 24, 1911 and died on February 22, 2011)
4. Josefina Cabrera Borromeo and Graciano Neri:

Ninth Generation
1. Victoria Borromeo Neri: 3 children.
2. Graciano Borromeo Neri: 3 children.
3. Ramon Borromeo Neri: 5 children.
4. Maria Teresa Borromeo Neri: 3 children.

Eighth Generation
5. Maria Cabrera Borromeo and Jose Reunilla:

Ninth Generation
1. Jorge Borromeo Reunilla and Nina Lorenzo (1951): two daughters and one son.
2. Jose Borromeo Reunilla: married and 2 children, one of whom (Maria Celine Reunilla Akstin) is married.
3. Luis Borromeo Reunilla: married; 1 child.
4. Antonio Marie Borromeo Reunilla: no issue.
5. Miguel Borromeo Reunilla: no issue.

Eighth Generation
6. Prescillano Cabrera Borromeo and Lourdes Fargas: 4 children who in turn had 4 children.

Eighth Generation
7. Domingo Cabrera Borromeo: no issue.

Seventh Generation
2. Jose Borromeo y Guerrero (1885): no issue.
3. Carlos Borromeo y Guerrero (1887) and Mivela Talam de Borromeo (1892):

Eighth Generation
1. Amelinda Talam Borromeo: no issue.

Seventh Generation
4. Carmen Borromeo y Guerrero (1889):

Eighth Generation
1. Amelia Borromeo: no issue.

Seventh Generation
5. Asuncion Borromeo y Guerrero (1891): no issue.
6. Florentina Borromeo y Guerrero (1893): no issue.
7. Emilio Borromeo y Guerrero (1895) and Rosario Alvarez de Borromeo (1900):

Eighth Generation
1. Amelia Alvarez Borromeo: no issue.
2. Emilio Alvarez Borromeo Jr., married to Ligaya Jurado Borromeo: 3 children, including Emilio Borromeo III.

Ninth Generation

1. Emilio Enrique “Jun” Jurado Borromeo III married to Maria Corazon Nocum de Borromeo: 5 children.

Tenth Generation

1. Elaine Nocum Borromeo: 5 children.

Eleventh Generation

1. Kenneth

2. Kristopher Klein

3. Kyle

4. Kyla Katrina

5. Kelvin Eugene

Tenth Generation

2. Marie Emmelyn Nocum Borromeo: 2 children.

Eleventh Generation

1. Cynthia Roselyn

2. Lauren

Tenth Generation

3. Edmon Darwin Nocum Borromeo: 6 children.

Eleventh Generation

1. Jusine Eunice

2. Jeanne Edelaine

3. Eric

4. E.J.

5. Elyka

6. Echilles

Tenth Generation

4. Evangeline Nocum Borromeo married to Jonathan Nacionales: 3 children.

Eleventh Generation

1. Kiel Borromeo Nacionales

2. Nuel Borromeo Nacionales

3. Elyssa Borromeo Nacionales

Tenth Generation

5. Marie Eileen Nocum Borromeo

Ninth Generation

2. Cynthia Rosa Jurado Borromeo Salvador

Tenth Generation

1. Ramonito Luis “Boojie” Borromeo Salvador (deceased)

2. Ramonito Luis “Lloyd” Borromeo Salvador: 2 children.

Eleventh Generation

1. Lloyd, Jr.

2. Destiny

Ninth Generation

3. Patricia Aurea Jurado Borromeo married to Relioso “Rolly” Matreo

Tenth Generation

1. Patrick Borromeo Matreo

2. Lyle Borromeo Matreo

Ninth Generation

4. Maria Theresa Jurado Borromeo married to Nicanor Murriel

Tenth Generation

1. Ryan Kalvin Borromeo Murriel: married.

2. Nikki Gayle Borromeo Murriel

3. Maricar Monique Borromeo Murriel

Eighth Generation

3. Eduardo Alvarez Borromeo: no issue.
4. Corazon Alvarez Borromeo: one son.

Ninth Generation

1. Peter Homer Borromeo Martin married to Marissa Macalanda:

Tenth Generation

1. John Vincent Macalanda Martin

2. Michael Angelo Macalanda Martin

3. Ivan Christian Macalanda Martin

4. Samson Macalanda Martin

5. Margaret Timmy Macalanda Martin

Sixth Generation
7. Vito Borromeo y Galan (1859-1947) and Juliana Evangelista de Borromeo (1864-1946):

Seventh Generation
1. Manuel Jose Borromeo y Evangelista (1889): no issue.

Carl Ernest Borromeo Santos of Maryland, USA wrote in to our site and gave information stating that Don Vito Borromeo y Galan had one (1) biological son named (Attorney) Fortunato Borromeo who was born out of wedlock.  Fortunato is the deceased grandfather of Carl Ernest Borromeo Santos.  Fortunato was married and had six children – three daughters and three sons.  These children are Juanita Borromeo (permanently residing in England), Maribel Borromeo (permanently residing in the USA), Elvira Borromeo Maguad (married to a Nephrologist Dr. Ruben Maguad in Cebu), Mariano Montero Borromeo, Antonino Borromeo (permanently residing in Canada) and Julian Borromeo.  Carl Ernest Borromeo Santos has one older brother named Christopher “Chris” Evangelo Borromeo Santos who works as a physical therapist in New York and one sister named Christine Marie Santos who is also a US citizen.

Carl Ernest Borromeo Santos wrote into our site yet again on August 8, 2017 with further information about his branch of the extended Borromeo family of Cebu City.  He has an aunt named “Lady Juanita Borromeo” who resides in the United Kingdom (UK).  Juanita is a sister of Carl’s mother Maribel Borromeo Santos.  Juanita was married to the late Sir Giles Gervais Tennyson d’Eyncourt, 4th Baronet (he lived from 1935-1989).  Juanita thus became Lady Giles Gervais Tennyson d’Eyncourt, part of the nobility in the UK.  Sir Giles and Lady Giles had one son named Sir Mark Gervais Tennyson d’Eyncourt, 5th Baronet (born in 1967).  This indicates that Sir Mark is the 5th generation to carry the noble title of Baronet in his family line in the UK.  Here is a link to information about Sir Mark in the Peerage of the UK:

Sixth Generation
8. Quirino Borromeo y Galan (1861): no issue.
9. Trinidad Borromeo y Galan (1863): no issue.
10. Paulo Borromeo y Galan (1865) and Anaclita Luminario de Borromeo (1870):

Seventh Generation
1. Pedro Borromeo y Luminario (1895): no issue.

Fifth Generation

II. Florentino Borromeo y Feliz (born 1825; father of the thin line (mga daut or mga niwang). Married (wife’s surname was Rosa); two sons (Juan and one other).

Sixth Generation
1. Juan Borromeo y Rosa (1850) and Paulina Veloso de Borromeo (1855): 16 children.

Seventh Generation
1. Dr. Angelo Veloso Borromeo (1880)
2. Rdo. P. Casto Veloso Borromeo (1882): Catholic priest.
3. Luis Veloso Borromeo (1884): Merchant and Vaudeville Pianist. Married, 2 children. Died poor of Tuberculosis.

Eighth Generation
1. Geraldina Borromeo

Seventh Generation
4. Juan Veloso Borromeo Jr. (1886 – 1902): Died at age 16.
5. Catalino Veloso Borromeo (1887 – 1907): Catholic subdeacon, died at age 20.
6. Dr. Jose Maria Veloso Borromeo (March 3, 1888): married to and separated from a Noel, 7 children.

Eighth Generation
1. Nenita Noel Borromeo
2. Ramon Noel Borromeo
3. Lolita Noel Borromeo
4. Milagros Noel Borromeo
5. Manuel Noel Borromeo married to Priscilla Santos Manalang: 3 children.

Ninth Generation

  1. José Roberto Manalang Borromeo married to Patrcia Monsod: 2 children.

Tenth Generation

  1. Gabrielle Monsod Borromeo
  2. Jude Monsod Borromeo

Ninth Generation

  1.  Manuel Manalang Borromeo
  2. Anna Cristina Manalang Borromeo: 4 children.

Tenth Generation

  1. Manuel Antonio Borromeo Rivera
  2. Martin José Borromeo Barroga
  3. Anna Mikaela Borromeo
  4. Francesca Maxine Borromeo Magadan

Eighth Generation

6. José Maria Noel Borromeo Jr.

7. Luis Noel Borromeo married to Remedios “Nena” Marcaida:

Ninth Generation

1. Luis Miguel “Luigi” Marcaida Borromeo

2. Carlos Marcaida Borromeo

3. Vincent Raphael “Vino” Marcaida Borromeo

4. Maria Margarita “Maita” Marcaida Borromeo married to Ole Bjorn Stole

Seventh Generation
7. Justice Fortunato “Atong” Veloso Borromeo (1890) married to Mercedes “Ding” Neri: Lawyer and judge, also known as “Papa Tong.”

Eighth Generation
1. Imelda Neri Borromeo (deceased) married to Dr. Gregorio Cancio: married, 9 children.

Ninth Generation

  1. Gregorio Borromeo Cancio married to Paulette Doria: 3 children.
  2. Salvador Borromeo Cancio married to Nina: 2 children (in Valencia, California).
  3. Maria Pacencia “Marie” Borromeo Cancio: single.
  4. Louie Borromeo Cancio married to Gigi Guidoti Reyes: 4 children.
  5. Imelda Jr. “Mel” Borromeo Cancio married to Jose Guidoti Reyes
  6. Emmanuel “Manny” Borromeo Cancio married to Gemma: 4 children.
  7. Jose Mari Borromeo Cancio married to Nina Borromeo Morales (deceased): 1 daughter.  Jose Mari Borromeo Cancio married to Pinky Marquez (second marriage): 2 children.

Tenth Generation

  1. Patricia Morales Cancio

Ninth Generation

8.   Maria Mercedes Borromeo Cancio married to Dr. Jonel Cruz: 3 children.

9.  Margrethe “Gret” Borromeo Cancio married to Marcelo Nolasco Fernan II: 2 children.

Tenth Generation

  1. Marcelo “Marc” Cancio Fernan III
  2. Rina Cancio Fernan

Eighth Generation
2. Jesus Neri Borromeo (deceased) married to Florinda “Baby” Saguin: 5 children.

Ninth Generation

  1. Mercedes “Mercy” Saguin Borromeo married to Dr. Gerry Pangilinan: 3 boys (in Vero Beach, Florida)
  2. Fortunato “Nonong” Saguin Borromeo married to Annie Alino: 3 daughters.
  3. Peter Saguin Borromeo married to Joy: 5 children.
  4. Paul Saguin Borromeo married and with one daughter (in Houston, Texas).
  5. Carmelita “Mita” Saguin Borromeo: single.

Eighth Generation

  1. Angelita Neri Borromeo married to Celso Gallego: 5 children.

Ninth Generation

  1. Ana Maria “Annette” Borromeo Gallego: single.
  2. Eduardo Borromeo Gallego married to Bernadette Harvey Borromeo: 2 children.
  3. Jaime Borromeo Gallego married to Malou Garcia: 4 children (in Toronto, Canada).
  4. Maria Teresa “Marites” Borromeo Gallego married to Jose “Jojo” Lipardo: 3 children.
  5. Ruben Borromeo Gallego married to Lisa: one son.

Eighth Generation
3. Benjamin Neri Borromeo (deceased) married to Flora Villacarlos. Owner of Cebu Grand Hotel (Escario Street).

Ninth Generation
1. Dindo Villacarlos Borromeo separated from Lisette Escaño Garcia: 2 children.

Tenth Generation

  1. Ian Garcia Borromeo
  2. Alesa Garcia Borromeo

Ninth Generation
2. Camille Villacarlos Borromeo married to Alan Suarez: 3 children.

Tenth Generation

  1. Carlo Borromeo Suarez
  2. Andre Borromeo Suarez
  3. Aleena Borromeo Suarez

Eighth Generation
4. Mercedes “Merceditas” Neri Borromeo married to Luis R. “Sitoy” Alvarez: 6 children.

Ninth Generation

  1. Mercedes “Merche” Borromeo Alvarez married to Gerry Castro: 2 daughters.
  2. Jose Mari Borromeo Alvarez: died one day after birth.
  3. Maria Luisa “Marita” Borromeo Alvarez married to Raul Arambulo: 2 children.  Marita is the General Manager of the Cebu Mactan Costabella Hotel and the President of the Montebello Villa Hotel.
  4. Maria Angeles “Mariles” Borromeo Alvarez married to Marco Nable: 5 children.

Tenth Generation

  1. Enzo Alvarez Nable
  2. Andrea Alvarez Nable
  3. Monica Alvarez Nable
  4. Niccolo Alvarez Nable
  5. Gabriel Alvarez Nable

Ninth Generation

5. Maria Socorro “Marisse” Borromeo Alvarez married to Francis Sy: 3 children.

  1. Luis Martin “Lui” Borromeo Alvarez married to Hazel Trinidad: 2 children.

Tenth Generation

  1. Anton Trinidad Alvarez
  2. Isabel Trinidad Alvarez

Eighth Generation

5. Father Rafael Neri Borromeo: Roman Catholic Priest.
6. Zelia Neri Borromeo: unmarried.

  1. Amparo “Amparito” Neri Borromeo married to Amando Guilatco: 9 children (in Pleasant Hill, California).

Ninth Generation

  1. Jose “Joselito” Borromeo Guilatco: married and with 2 children.
  2. Amando “Mandy” Borromeo Guilatco, Jr. married to Jenny: 3 children.
  3. Gemma Borromeo Guilatco married to Ponti Lacanlale: 3 children.
  4. Rafael “Peanuts” Borromeo Guilatco married to Sonny: 2 children.
  5. Beatriz “Bettina” Borromeo Guilatco married to John Santos: 4 children.
  6. Gerard Borromeo Guilatco married to Angel: one daughter named Sophia (in Houston, Texas)
  7. Gina Borromeo Guilatco: married and living in the USA.
  8. Ramon “Moncho” Borromeo Guilatco: married with one child and living in the USA.
  9. Christina “Tiny” Borromeo Guilatco: single (in Pleasant Hill, California).

Eighth Generation
8. Francisco “Paquito” Neri Borromeo (deceased in July 2011) married to Normal Songfo: 2 children.  Manager of Cebu Montebello Hotel.

Ninth Generation

  1. Fabian “Fabby” Songfo Borromeo married to Christine Sy: one son named Pacqui.
  2. John Songfo Borromeo married to Ann: 3 children (in New York City).

Eighth Generation
9. Corazon “Zony” Neri Borromeo and Ramon Abello Escario: two daughters.

Ninth Generation

1. Corito Borromeo Escario married to Dr. Joseph S. Yu: five children.

Tenth Generation

1. Christoff Escario Yu

2. Mikel Escario Yu

3. Manou Escario Yu

4. Sebas Escario Yu

5. Aina Escario Yu

Ninth Generation

2. Janice Doreen Borromeo Escario married to Christopher L. King

Ninth Generation (belonging to which line above)?
1. Reneirio Borromeo?: Journalist
2. Edward Borromeo?: Motorbike Rental
3. Esther Borromeo?: Realtor
4. Patricia Borromeo: Model
5. Federico Borromeo: Manila Country Club

Seventh Generation
8. Ramon Veloso Borromeo (1892): Civil engineer, married to Rosario “Nena” Gomez of Pangasinan, Laguna Province.

Eighth Generation

1.  Fé Gomez Borromeo (died in childhood)

2.  Casto Gomez Borromeo, married to Amelia Nicolas y Gallardo (from Laoag, Ilocos Norte)

Ninth Generation

1.  Lourdes Borromeo y Nicolas, married to Raoul Pestana

Tenth Generation

1.  Kathleen John Pestana

2.  Kristofer Pilar Pestana

3.  Francis Orestes Pestana

Ninth Generation

2.  Gabriel Antonio Borromeo y Nicoloas (deceased)

3.  Juan Casto Borromeo y Nicolas, married to Ludivina de Guzman

Tenth Generation

1.  Jon de Guzman Borromeo

2.  Gerard de Guzman Borromeo

3.  Julia de Guzman Borromeo

Ninth Generation

4.  Ramon Borromeo y Nicolas, married to Maria Lourdes D. Viñas

Tenth Generation

1.  Franco Enrique Viñas Borromeo

Seventh Generation

9. Dr. Antonio Veloso Borromeo (1894): married to Consuelo Roxas (first wife)

Eighth Generation

1. Miguelito Roxas Borromeo: emigrated to Australia

2. Rosario Borromeo Pulido (deceased)

3. Carlos Roxas Borromeo (deceased)

Ninth Generation

1. Corazon Borromeo Castillo: 2 children

2. Cecilia Borromeo

3. Carmelita Borromeo Tan: 2 children

4. Carlota Borromeo: 2 children

5. Carlos Roxas Borromeo, Jr.

6. Cynthia Therese Borromeo

Seventh Generation

9. Dr. Antonio Veloso Borromeo (1894): married to Celestina Parama (second wife)

Eighth Generation

  1. Dr. Abel Parama Borromeo: married, ten children.
  2. Attorney Raul Parama Borromeo (deceased): married, four children.

Ninth Generation

  1. Maricel Borromeo married to Attorney Ernesto Amores (deceased): two sons.

Tenth Generation

  1. Ernesto Miguel “Erl” Borromeo Amores
  2. Carlos Alfonso “Don” Borromeo Amores

Ninth Generation

2.  Marissa Borromeo married to Lynn Sherwood Forrest: two sons.

Tenth Generation

  1. Anthony Borromeo Forrest
  2. Andrew Borromeo Forrest

Ninth Generation

3.  Rasu Raul José “Joey” Borromeo

4.  Britta Borromeo married to Judge Don Navarro: one daughter.

Tenth Generation

  1. Bianca Britta Borromeo Navarro

Eighth Generation

3.  Engineer Antonio Parama Borromeo (deceased 2005): married, five children.

4.  CPA Renato Parama Borromeo: married, five children.

5.  Dr. Azael Parama Borromeo married to Meredith Chalmers Doll; three children.

Ninth Generation

1. Dr. Dawn Marie Doll Borromeo married to Dr. Phillip Beaulieu: two sons.

Tenth Generation

1. Oliver Azael Borromeo Beaulieu (born in 2005).

2. Rowen Phillip Borromeo Beaulieu (born in 2007).

Ninth Generation

2. Aimee Doll Borromeo married to Roger Altman: one son.

Tenth Generation

1. Atlas Edison Borromeo Altman (born in 2008).

Ninth Generation

3. Dr. Azael Doll Borromeo married to Ashlee Surkamer

Eighth Generation

6.  Meluz Parama Borromeo Francisco married to Michael Solan: five children (three of whom are from the first marriage of Meluz).

Ninth Generation

  1. Nomel Borromeo Francisco married to Gregory Bosworth Phillips: one daughter.

Tenth Generation

1.  Amanda Noel Borromeo Francisco Phillips (born 2006)

Ninth Generation

  1. Raul Borromeo Francisco married to Jennifer Anthony: five children.

Tenth Generation

  1. Sharayah Borromeo Anthony Francisco (born 1995)
  2. Runner Borromeo Anthony Francisco (born 1997)
  3. Jon-Michael Borromeo Anthony Francisco (born 1999)
  4. Harrison Borromeo Anthony Francisco (born 2001)
  5. Sean-Thomas Borromeo Anthony Francisco (born 2004)

Ninth Generation

  1. Bambi Borromeo Francisco married to Ezra Roizen: three sons.

Tenth Generation

  1. Marcus Borromeo Francisco Roizen (born 2001)
  2. Tanner Borromeo Francisco Roizen (born 2003)
  3. Will Francisco Borromeo Roizen (born 2007)

Ninth Generation

  1. Michel Borromeo Solan married to Jesse Davy: two children.

Tenth Generation

  1. Hudson Borromeo Solan Davy (born 2006)
  2. Isabella Borromeo Solan Davy (born 2009)

Ninth Generation

  1. Meliza Borromeo Solan married to Christopher Surdi.

Seventh Generation

9. Dr. Antonio Borromeo y Veloso (born 1894) married to Josefa Aleria (third wife): two daughters

Eighth Generation

1. Lina Aleria Borromeo married to Alejandro Añasco Torralba: one daughter

Ninth Generation

1. Joan Alexandra Borromeo Torralba married to Cory Hussar in New York City

Eighth Generation

2. Lita Aleria Borromeo married to Eufronio Uriarte Kindica, Jr.: five children

Ninth Generation

1. Antonette Borromeo Kindica married to Dustine Kane Ovens: one son

Tenth Generation

1. Miguel Antonio Kindica Ovens

Ninth Generation

2. John Michael Borromeo Kindica married to Kristine Anne Gonzaga: three children

Tenth Generation

1. Yuna Marie Gonzaga Kindica

2. Yula Isabel Gonzaga Kindica

3. Yohann Zachary Gonzaga Kindica

Ninth Generation

3. Michael Paul Borromeo Kindica

4. Mark Anthony Borromeo Kindica

5. Michael Anthony Borromeo Kindica

Seventh Generation
10. Guadalupe Veloso Borromeo Trosdal (1896): married to an American of Norwegian ancestry from Savannah, Georgia):

Eighth Generation
1. Mimi Borromeo Trosdal (1919): retired from the University of San Carlos Borromeo in Cebu City.
2. Carmela Borromeo Trosdal (1921-1996)

Seventh Generation
11. Rosario Veloso Borromeo (1898)
12. Dr. Juan Luis Veloso Borromeo (August 25, 1900)

Seventh Generation
13. Carmen Veloso Borromeo Davis (1902)
14. Vicente Veloso Borromeo and Lillian Taylor (Father was a US Serviceman from the Spanish-American War):

Eighth Generation
1. John Taylor Borromeo married, 3 children.
2. Eduardo Taylor Borromeo: married Dentist, 5 children (including Gary)
3. Teresa “Sister Vincent” Taylor Borromeo: Roman Catholic Nun.
4. Socorro Taylor Borromeo and Nandi Thakuria: 6 children.
5. Jack Taylor Borromeo: unmarried.
6. Isidro Taylor Borromeo: unmarried.

Seventh Generation
15. Child (born 1907): died as an infant.
16. Dr. Juan Veloso Borromeo (born 1909) married to Rosula Poliquit Borromeo:

Eighth Generation

1. Dr. Paulina Poliquit Borromeo (deceased) married to Manuel Villamor, Sr.

Ninth Generation

1. Dr. José Mari Borromeo Villamor married to Merle Najaro

2. Dr. Manuel Borromeo Villamor, Jr.

Eighth Generation

2. Teresita Poliquit Borromeo married to Ernesto Canete (deceased)

Ninth Generation

1. Marilou Borromeo Canete: married and resides in Austria

2. Consuelo Borromeo Canete: deceased

3. Marissa Borromeo Canete: married and resides in Austria

4. Laura Borromeo Canete: married and resides in Austria

5. Emmanuel Borromeo Canete

6. Benito Borromeo Canete

7. Titit Borromeo Canete

8. Jojo Borromeo Canete

9. Twinkie Borromeo Canete

Eighth Generation

3. Virginia Poliquit Borromeo married to Julian Parama (deceased)

Ninth Generation

1. Ramon Borromeo Parama married to Maria Julita Galano Polangcus

Tenth Generation

1. Mark Polangcus Parama

2. Kathryn Polangcus Parama

3. Kyle Polangcus Parama

Ninth Generation

2. Corazon Borromeo Parama married to General Julius F. Yarcia (Retired)

Tenth Generation

1. Mary Jacqueline Rose Socorro Parama Yarcia

Ninth Generation

3. Arthur Borromeo Parama

Eighth Generation

4. Dr. Lourdes Poliquit Borromeo (deceased) married to Dr. Victor York Cui

Ninth Generation

1. Raymond Borromeo Cui married to Nannette Taneo and residing in Victoria, Canada

2. Maria Rosario Borromeo Cui

3. Dr. Maria Victoria Borromeo Cui married to Colonel Donato San Juan: 3 children.

Tenth Generation

1. Tiffany Beatrice Cui San Juan

2. Joshua Victor Cui San Juan

3. Maxine Beatrice Cui San Juan

Ninth Generation

4. Dr. Susanna Borromeo Cui married to Jose Robert Alejandro

5. Dr. Eloise Borromeo Cui married to Gaston Batiller:

Tenth Generation

1. Gregorio Antonio Cui Batiller

2. Gabrielle Beatrice Cui Batiller

3. Gillian Beatriz Cui Batiller

Ninth Generation

6. Dr. Jocelyn Borromeo Cui married to Neil Kee and residing in Victoria, Canada:

Tenth Generation

1. Marco Cui Kee

2. Lino Cui Kee

Ninth Generation

7. Dr. Anne Marie Borromeo Cui married to Galen Salvador:

Tenth Generation

1. Isaac Antonio Cui Salvador

Ninth Generation

8. Maria Lourdes Borromeo Cui married to Chris Lima and residing in Ontario, Canada.

9. Rossa Ethel Marie Borromeo Cui

Eighth Generation

5. Catalina Poliquit Borromeo married to Dr. Francisco Majarucon Dumayas

Ninth Generation

1. Constantine Edward Borromeo Dumayas married to Ellen Wong Yap

Tenth Generation

1. Ethan Ross Yap Dumayas

2. Evan Cole Yap Dumayas

Ninth Generation

2. Maria Florence Dumayas married to Allan Anthony Santos

Tenth Generation

1. Erika Mariel Dumayas Santos

2. Arthur John Dumayas Santos

3. Camille Gabrielle Dumayas Santos

Ninth Generation

3. Benedicta Florida Dumayas married to Philip Roderick Sanchez

Tenth Generation

1. Anna Sophia Dumayas Sanchez

2. Joaquin Dumayas Sanchez

Eighth Generation

6. Dr. Rodolfo “Rudy” Poliquit Borromeo married to Myrna Ilagan

Ninth Generation

1. Eric Borromeo married to Jane Shaw: one child.

Tenth Generation

1. Justin Shaw Borromeo

Sixth Generation
2. Florentino Borromeo y Rosa (1854):

Seventh Generation
1. Florentino (1879) and Enriquieta Espina Borromeo (1884): 4 children.

Eighth Generation
1. Purificacion Espina Borromeo and Peregrino Paulino: 2 children

Ninth Generation
1. Milagros Borromeo Paulino
2. Marlene Borromeo Paulino

Eighth Generation
2. José Espina Borromeo and Elvira Bautista:

Ninth Generation
1. Christie Bautista Borromeo and Don Kawal

Tenth Generation

1. Reena Borromeo Kawal

2. Tony Borromeo Kawal

Ninth Generation
2. Asuncion Bautista Borromeo (Roman Catholic Nun)
3. Concepcion Bautista Borromeo and Roberto Ramos

Tenth Generation

1. Maria Caritas Borromeo Ramos married to Montri Santos

2. Richard Leo Borromeo Ramos

3. Maria Carmina Borromeo Ramos

Ninth Generation
4. José Emanuel Bautista Borromeo: 4 children

Tenth Generation

1. Jake Borromeo

2. Nicole Borromeo

3. Andrea Borromeo

4. James Borromeo

Ninth Generation

5. Edmund Bautista Borromeo and Joy Ponce (deceased first wife)

Tenth Generation

1. Charles Ponce Borromeo

Ninth Generation
5. Edmund Bautista Borromeo married to Remedios Ramos (second marriage)

Tenth Generation

1. Manuel Ramos Borromeo

2. Michelle Ramos Borromeo

Eighth Generation
3. Guadalupe Espina Borromeo and Bibiano Ouano:

Ninth Generation
1. Florentin Borromeo Ouano (USA)
2. Bibiano Borromeo Ouano (USA)
3. Victorino Borromeo Ouano (USA)

Eighth Generation
4. Vicente Espina Borromeo and Anita Fernandez:

Ninth Generation
1. Victor Fernandez Borromeo and Luz Lapida:

Tenth Generation
1. Margaret Ann Lapida Borromeo
2. Vincent Jonathan Lapida Borromeo
3. Vincent Gino Lapida Borromeo

Sixth Generation
3. Baldomera Borromeo y Rosa (1857): no issue.

The (Cebu, Philippines) Borromeo line: 1,514 persons of whom 1,221 are currently living and of whom 737 reside in the Philippines (60.4%) and 484 overseas (39.6%); 293 family members deceased.  Of the members of the extended Cebu Borromeo clan who live outside of the Philippines, 391 reside in the United States of America (in the states of California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania). 34 reside in Australia (in the states of Western Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria). 22 reside in Canada, 7 reside in Austria, 7 reside in the United Arab Emirates (in Sharjah and Dubai), 7 in Hong Kong, 4 in France (in Paris), 2 in Singapore, 2 in Malaysia, 2 in Norway (Oslo), 2 in Saudi Arabia, 2 in the UK (England) and one each lives in Germany (in Frankfurt) and in the Republic of Ireland (Belfast).

The (Bacolod, Negros Province, Philippines) Borromeo lines (two thereof): 385 persons within seven (7) generations from information kindly shared by Glenn Anthony Borromeo, Omar Borromeo Sazon, Maria Clara Pileo Borromeo, Marijune Borromeo Hidalgo, Sister Esther Borromeo Pagdato and Maria Clara Borromeo Serio.  This line goes back to the early 19th century, which is the same age as the Borromeo family line on the neighboring island province of Cebu.  Both Cebu and Negros share a common language (the Cebuano dialect) which is also native to the island of Bohol and to much of northern Mindanao.  My estimate as to which generation in this genealogy each generation of the Negros line belongs is still not exact, but it is close.  Before World War Two, my grand uncle Marcial Borromeo y Guerrero (born in 1883) completed a very comprehensive genealogy of the Borromeo family in the Philippines, which tied the four main clans of Cebu, Negros, Panay and Luzon by direct link.  This genealogy was unfortunately lost (like so much else) during the war.  We have finally re-established the relationship between the clans on Cebu and Negros.  Our relationship with the Borromeo family clans on Panay (Iloilo City) and Luzon (Cavite City) goes back into the 18th century, and our link to the original Borromeo family of Lombardy in northern Italy is very strongly hinted at through the “Tartanilla” carriages manufactured by my great-grandfather José Maria Borromeo y Galan (1847-1930).  This comes from the Italian “Tartanella,” a type of sail-powered fishing boat specifically unique to the western (i.e. Italian) side of the Adriatic Sea.  The Italian Borromeo family from Milan in Lombardy is turn directly descended from the Italian Vitaliani family from Padua in northern Italy and from Naples in southern Italy in the 15th century.  Borromeo family branches settled on the island of Corsica (Latin spelling of “Borromei”), in Brazil (Portuguese spelling of “Borromeu”), Argentina (whose population is more than 50 percent of Italian descent) and in other places as diverse as Mexico, the United States and even India.

The Cavite-Luzon Line: 49 names of whom 48 are still living.  2 names from the Eighth Generation and 47 names from the Ninth Generation.

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