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My three (3) books about the automaker Volkswagen A.G. have been read by more than 46,332 people to date.  More than 7,332 of these people have read the latest edition of my Volkswagen book – printed in full color and with 96 illustrations – thank you very much for your interest and for your support!  At least 539 of these recent purchases have been made through the “Kindle Unlimited” and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library” sales programs on

Volkswagen: a Car for the People – a Success Story – 2nd Edition

Volkswagen: ein Wagen fuer das Volk – eine Geschichte des Erfolgs

Authored by Mr. Marc E. Nonnenkamp  Edition: 2
This is the second edition of “Volkswagen: a Car for the People – a Success Story.” The first edition was published in 2011 and has been read by more than 39,000 people from 185 countries. It has been most popular among air-cooled Volkswagen enthusiasts. The book tells the fascinating story of the history behind Volkswagen, especially behind the original air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle Sedan and its many derivatives. The history began with Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, Sr., his contemporary Dr. Hans Ledwinka and with their unique engineering ideas including horizontally-opposed cylinders (the “boxer motor” still manufactured by Porsche and by Fuji-Subaru), air-cooling (still manufactured by Tatra of the Czech Republic), swing-axle suspension and the central tube chassis. Tatra (Hans Ledwinka) is one of the oldest vehicle manufacturers in the world whereas Volkswagen (Ferdinand Porsche) is one of the most prolific. This book tells the story behind the Volkswagen Type 1 (Beetle, Karmann-Ghia, Thing, Kübelwagen, Schwimmwagen, Kommandeurwagen and many more), the Volkswagen Type 2 (Samba Microbus, Bay Window Bus, Wedge or “Vanagon” Bus, Eurovan and Multivan), the Volkswagen Type 3 (Notchback, Squareback, Fastback and Razor Edge Karmann-Ghia) and Type 4 (411, 412, Porsche 912 and Porsche 914). It also tells the story of their successors which saved Volkswagen from what would have been an early demise – water-cooled cars inspired by Volkswagen’s Audi subsidiary which they purchased from Daimler-Benz of Germany in 1964-1965. The A-Class succeeded the venerable Type 1 – these included the Volkswagen Rabbit, Scirocco, Golf, Jetta and Corrado. The C-Class succeeded the mid-sized Type 3 range – cars such as the Volkswagen Dasher, Quantum and Passat. The range of luxury cars succeeded the Type 4 – cars bearing the Audi brand name and others such as the Volkswagen Phaeton (other VW Group luxury brand names include Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti). The premium SUV is the Volkswagen Touareg / Porsche Cayenne. The second edition of “Volkswagen: a Car for the People – a Success Story” is published in full color with 96 illustrations compared to the first edition which was published in Black & White with just 21 illustrations.

Publication Date:
Feb 14 2015
1507728751 / 9781507728758
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
7″ x 10″
Full Color
Related Categories:
Transportation / Automotive / History

A press article was released by New Media Wire of Los Angeles, California on February 29, 2016 for my new Volkswagen book.  The article was seen on 151 news sites with more than 6.6 million viewers.  Here is the article as it appeared on the site of the investment firm TD Waterhouse:

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A Major New Book About the Fascinating History of the Volkswagen Automotive Brand Titled “Volkswagen: a Car for the People – a Success Story: Second Edition”11:44AM ET on Monday Feb 29, 2016 by MarketwireA major new book about the fascinating history of the Volkswagen automotive brand, titled “Volkswagen: a Car for the People – a Success Story: Second Edition” (by Marc E. Nonnenkamp, Create Space Publishing – February 2015, 336 pages) was recently reviewed by South African-born British automotive author, photographer and journalist Mr. Glen Smale of Wales, the UK. Smale is a highly accomplished author of books on brands such as Porsche, Ferrari and Jaguar and is well qualified to comment on automotive books and journals.

Marc Nonnenkamp’s first edition of this book (published in March 2011 also through Create Space, an Amazon subsidiary) was read by more than 39,000 people from all over the world. The much-enhanced 2nd edition has already been read by over 9,000 readers worldwide and is available exclusively on Amazon websites in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, India, Australia, Spain, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Italy. It retails for US $40.99 paperback or just US $9.99 as an Amazon Kindle e-book (more than 4,000 Kindle sales to date). The publisher necessitated an enhanced price for the paperback edition due to 96 color illustrations that take the reader down a fond trip through memory lane, which visits Volkswagen’s rich history going back to the old Austro-Hungarian Empire (the Volkswagen’s original designer, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, Sr. was born in the former Austrian province of Bohemia).

This fascinating book was published before the Volkswagen diesel scandal was made public in September 2015. It gives us an intriguing look into an automotive company driven by engineering technology. The reader learns about the core values built around hard work and honesty which made VW a global player during the days of the good old air-cooled cars (remember the Bug, the Bus, the Thing, the Squareback, the Fastback, the Notchback, the 411 and the Ghia?) and the first generation of the water-cooled cars (the likes of the Rabbit, the Scirocco, the Vanagon, the Dasher, the Quantum, the Corrado and the Fox?). They’re all here in this great book!

This awesome book is a definite “must have” for those of us who like or love Volkswagens, or for those of us who really dig cars and just want to find out a whole lot more about the company that built the Bug. The book is written in both English and German to reach its primary audience in North America, Europe, the British Isles and Down Under in Australia.

In the words of reviewer Glen Smale, “At the back of the book the author lists engine changes, body changes, export trends, sales figures and even special VW editions. There is also a list of 39 sources of useful VW history and information, which give the reader a wide and deep resource from which to glean additional information. It is amazing that there is still more information and greater insight from the world of VW to come from the research by authors such as Marc Nonnenkamp.”

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